Moving to a new school - Is it easy?

Moving to a new school - Is it easy?

Contributor Pooja Kawatra writes about her experience with her son moving to a new school!

This year started with many new milestones for kids as well as for us. Just looked back and realized that we did really good so far for the first 3 months.


First day of the new school for both of them, Primary 2 for Aayan and playschool for Kaira!

It was a big change for Aayan as he entered into his primary schooling last year and it was all new environment with a new place, new teachers and in midst of it he made some very good friends. Since, this year we moved to our new home and that means he needs to change his school as well. He started with his primary 2 in a new school and for him it was again a settling period with a new place.

It took us a couple of months to comfort him that he will start liking the new place and will make new friends.

I can completely relate to him as everyday when he used to come back from his school and mentioned, it is not like his old school – “I don’t have any friends and food is not same as my previous school”. I thought for a while and remember the time when we were kids and used to share the same feeling to our parents.

Since its a new neighbourhood too, he has not got any friends at home and felt this is really boring these days. We just said to him, “Give yourself 20 days, see you will have friends and you will enjoy too”

I made sure to ask him about his class, friends and if anything new happened today in the school. Even though I knew his answer will be the same everyday, “Nothing!”. Slowly after a week, he was a bit comfortable and after two weeks he started liking it. After a month of attending his school, we got to hear from him ,“Yes, I like it”

If you will ask me, I was in tears the day he said, “he made friends and is liking it.”

His dad always reminds him to remember the word, “Resilience” and I feel this word has a great impact on Aayan which will be quite good for him in the long run.
We just need to encourage and listen to them in every situation. You will see a confident, bright and happy little kid!

All the best dear Son!

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Pooja Kawatra

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