Parents, Here Are 5 Ways To Avoid Raising A Spoiled Child

Parents, Here Are 5 Ways To Avoid Raising A Spoiled Child

How do you keep your child from growing up entitled and spoiled? It might be overwhelming especially if you're becoming increasingly frustrated by your spoiled child's bratty behaviour. But there are simple daily adjustments you can adopt into your daily routine that can make a world of difference.

1. Manners matter

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As young as a year and a half kids can already be taught how to be polite. Don't underestimate the importance of modeling proper etiquette in habits as simple as saying please and thank you.

2. Count (the right kind of) blessings

Make a habit of checking in with your little ones to assess what their attitude is towards gratitude. Ask them to name blessings they're thankful for. Try to encourage them not to name material things, as kids are prone to seeing toys and presents as blessings. Teach them to be thankful for more abstract concepts, like time spent with the family or making a new friend in school.

3. Teach them to truly listen

To raise a less entitled child, you must sharpen their empathy skills. A good way to do this is having conversations with them that teach them to look outside of themselves. Teach them to ask others about their day. This allows them to expand the way they think and learn that not everything revolves around them.

4. Impart to them the value of each dollar

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The best way not to raise a spoiled child is to teach him or her that hard work is linked to earning money. Remind them that mummy and daddy strive hard to provide for them and their earnings aren't solely for their desires. This will teach them at an early age to be money savvy as well as grateful for every little thing given to them.

5. Teach them about the less fortunate

Lastly, teaching compassion is one good way to make a child less spoiled. Give them opportunities to volunteer to help out those less fortunate. In this way, they're able to learn to be thankful for their blessings, while cultivating a heart that finds joy in helping others.


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