Is your adopted child a stolen baby?

Is your adopted child a stolen baby?

A black market for babies exists in China and many other countries. Could you be adopting one of these babies in Singapore?

Stolen baby

Are you adopting a stolen baby?

Babies in China are being seized from their parents by government officials and sold into a ‘black market’ for children.  A front-page article in The New York Times highlighted this shocking issue. Sources say that they cannot estimate the number of cases, however there might be as many as 20,000 children being kidnapped from their parents each year.

Babies are being stolen!

With the population control in China growing tight over time, people have been unwilling to give their children up for adoption, especially boys. In order to get paid large amounts from parents looking to adopt, this cruel market has come into existence. The bigger problem is when the adopting parents find out, it is almost impossible for them to trace the real parents of the child. In a country where Communism is meant to bring equality, acts such as these that are extremely money driven are taking place.

China is not the only country that has a black market for children. There are a number of other countries across the world where this takes place.

Adopting a foreign baby

This brings up questions about the safety of adoption agencies. The only way to be secure about where your child is coming from is to be very thorough about the adoption process. But if you are adopting a child from a completely different part of the world, it will be difficult to pinpoint whether all your documentation is legitimate.

The Asian Parent wrote an article on how to adopt children from a foreign country. China is not on the list for this, however adoption policies in Singapore are quite steadfast when dealing with adopting from other countries.

Is your adopted child a stolen baby?

Stolen baby

The Process in Singapore

Roshni Mahtani, who is looking to adopt, says there are various procedures before you can begin the actual adoption process. You have to apply for a home study report and once this has been approved you can begin looking for a child.  After you find your baby, you need to apply for a dependant pass, sign a declaration and pay a security bond. One all this is done you have to apply to the family court to adopt the baby. “The court will appoint MCYS to do a due diligence report and once that is done, the court will grant the Adoption Order” she says.

As you can see the process is quite thorough, except for the part where you have to find your own baby, and this is where it could all go wrong.

Hundreds of parents in America were found in the same situation after awareness about this issue became apparent. While we pity parents who are adopting and are burdened with the guilt of a stolen child, it is difficult to comprehend what the parents who lose their children feel like.

What would you do if you adopted a child that was stolen, or worse, if you were the parent of a child that was forcefully seized?

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