Adoption for a child born in other countries

Adoption for a child born in other countries

Here is the checklist/timeline for adoption of a child bron in other countries.


Adoption for a child born in other countries

  1. Prospective adopter(s) must approach one of the MCYS’ accredited agencies to prepare a Home Study Report (HSR).
    (Duration: 5 weeks to prepare the HSR)
  2. Prospective adopter(s) may approach their friends, relatives, MCYS’ accredited agencies, foreign agencies or the Embassies concerned for assistance to adopt a foreign child
  3. When the prospective adopter(s) has identified a foreign child for adoption, the prospective adopter(s) should submit the HSR and the application for a Dependant’s Pass (DP) for the child proposed for adoption to MCYS. (Duration: 4 weeks to process DP)
  4. Once DP application approved by MCYS,MCYS issues an in-principle approval for a DP and an entry visa (where applicable) to allow the prospective adopter(s) to bring the child into Singapore.
  5. The prospective adopter(s) arrives at the country concerned to undertake the following:
    • applies for legal adoption in that country if required and completes the adoption papers
    • settles all outstanding matters with the foreign agency (if such an agenceis involved)
    • makes arrangements to bring the child to Singapore
  6. On arrival in Singapore, the prospective adopter(s) will have to schedule an appointment with MCYS to bring the child to MCYS to be issued with a DP and a visa (where applicable). Prospective adopter(s) must sign the Security Bond undertaking the maintenance of the child and pay a Security Deposit ranging from $1,000 to $2,000.
  7. Prospective adopter(s) petitions to the Family Court for the adoption of the child through a lawyer or in person. If required by the country concerned, the accredited agency that conducted the HSR will supervise the adoption placement and submit regular post placement reports (PPR) until the child is legally adopted in Singapore or till the stipulated time frame required by the country concerned.
    (Duration: 3 weeks to prepare the PPR)
  8. The Court appoints Director of Social Welfare, MCYS as Guardian-ad-litem and directs MCYS to conduct a social investigation.
  9. MCYS conducts the necessary investigations and prepares the social report and affidavit.
  10. The Court hears the Adoption Petition and grants the Adoption Order.
  11. The Court will send the Adoption Order to the Registry of Births (ROB) and the ROB will schedule an appointment for the adopters to complete formalities for the issuance of a birth certificate for the child.
    (Duration: same day for issuance of the birth certificate)

Adopters may submit an application for Singapore Citizenship (SC)/Permanent Residence (PR) for the child at the same time.

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