Stefanie Sun's son said, "I HATE Mama!" How did she react?

Stefanie Sun's son said, "I HATE Mama!" How did she react?

Stefanie Sun's son decided to shock her recently with "I hate Mama" notes. Read how she reacted. Did mummy and son reconcile?

Uh oh. Looks like Stefanie Sun just ran into an unexpected milestone. A milestone that every parent dreads – the “I hate you mummy/daddy” milestone!

The Singapore Mandopop singer recently expressed her frustration in a long Facebook post titled, “Tales of A Shitty Parent”.

Stefanie Sun’s son falls terribly sick

Stefanie Sun


Turns out, Sun’s 5-year-old (nicknamed Nai Xiao Zi) was sick, and feeling extremely cranky and grumpy. He had been down with cough and high fever, and hardly ate.

She took him to the GP at first, and he prescribed antibiotics. But the fever refused to subside even after day 6. 

Sun writes, “Morning, still erratic temperature, we went to his paediatrician, X-ray showed gunk in lungs. Doctor Linqi suspected pneumonia. A blood test was required. Took a Q number.”

But the little one decided to throw a tantrum.

“When his turn came, we spent twenty minutes trying to convince the Son a blood test is much less painful than his last fall. Screams and cries.”

“No blood test for him.”

“We were told that his antibiotics were the wrong dosage. At his weight it should almost be doubled of what he was taking. He was prescribed another short dose of stronger antibiotic, increased dose of Augmentin. Phexpect and Actifed were both prescribed.”

Stefanie Son’s son says, “I Hate You, Mama!” 

That was hardly the end of her troubles though…

Sun reveals, “Day 8 of struggling with the amount of TV time he is having and terrible tasting medicines. Day 8 of multiple debates on whether soaks in the bathtub spikes the fever. Day 8 of “You can’t have any more chocolate, it’s making you ill” even when he was not eating.”

And then the shocker.

“Written notes of “you hate me” and “I hate mama”. “Ya? Well I don’t care if you die!” Apologies. Both ways.”

And then finally, a ray of hope.

“Day 8, after bouts of extreme crankiness, vomit on the bedsheets, two nights of camping on the bedroom floor. Hot and room temperature water sips in the middle of the nights. Dinosaur egg excavating activity.”

“Twenty books. Ipad games. All sorts of yoghurt drinks. Looking up recipes and cooking bone broth and of course short escapades to the mall for sanity.”

“For Mama: I will help you.”

Stefanie Sun's son


There was a happy ending after all…

“Day 8 evening, he finally finished his bowl of noodles without expelling on either ends, I swear there were tears in my eyes.”

Mummy and son also learnt to value their health, and the time spent with each other.

Sun writes lovingly, “Today, just before mosquito hour, we brought him to the park for a short walk. We looked at the odd pitcher plants and listened out for the belching frogs.”

“We admired the pink stemmed tapiocas and smelled the lemon basil and mugwort. He balanced on his two wheeled bike that he’s grown way too big for and wrote me a note that says, “For Mama: I will help you.””

Stefanie also reveals how she had almost forgotten about the baby in her belly all those days! Yup, if you didn’t know already, Stefanie Sun and hubby Nadim Van Der Ros are expecting Baby No. 2. The baby is all set to arrive in July 2018, in time for the star’s 40th birthday!

Looks like things are going to get even more eventful for this mummy…

“He’s going back to school tomorrow. As I type this at 4:30 am in the morning, I realised the times I had forgotten about the swell in my belly.”

“There’s another one coming?? Haha, Nadim and I are doing it all over again.”

“We can’t wait.”

Here is Stefanie Sun’s full post on Facebook:

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