15 Beautiful Songs Perfect For Singing To Your Baby

15 Beautiful Songs Perfect For Singing To Your Baby

These classic songs and pop culture staples are the perfect tunes to dedicate to your little bundle of joy! Get your microphones ready, Mum and Dad!

Surely you've experimented with a number of different melodies and songs to sing to your baby. Maybe you like the good ole' reliable ones like "Hush, Little Baby", or "Twinkle, Twinkle"; or maybe you're creative enough to come up with your own tune on the spot. Either way singing to your baby is an amazing pass time that can strengthen the bond between your baby, put a smile on their face, or calm/relax them.

While there's nothing wrong with the go-to's and your homemade melodies, we'd like to bring to light 15 of the best songs for parents to sing to to their babies! Though we're no singer-songwriters ourselves, these talented artists crafted songs that are perfect for singing to your baby. Check out the list and let us know if we left anything out that you sing to your baby:

1. "Baby Mine" by Alison Krauss

Originally, this song was composed as part of the Dumbo soundtrack. That means you're parents may have very well sang this song to you as a kid. The Alison Krauss rendition is arguably the most soothing, and it's a great song to relax you baby.


2. "Beautiful Boy" by John Lennon

A perfect song for a parent (namely dads) to sing to their son. A classic from the legendary John Lennon. A song that he wrote specially for his son.


3. "Butterfly Fly Away" by Miley Cyrus

Back when Miley Cyrus was less "sticking her tongue out to the world" and more Disney Channel star, she composed this sweet song as a tribute to her dad. It's a great song to sing to your baby as well. Especially to daughters!

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4. "Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight"

Though, probably best remembered for being sung by the ensemble cast of Three Men and a Baby, this classic Spaniels song from 1954 is a great  song parents can sing as a duet for their precious little boy or girl at bedtime.


5. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole

Though the song first appeared in The Wizard of Oz, this soothing island inspired version of the song is perfect for easing your baby into a comfortable slumber. Plus, if you're adept at the ukulele, it's a great way to show off your skills!


6. "Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)" by The Dixie Chicks

Originally, a Radney Foster song, this warm and sweet song touches on the childhood, and the precious moments spent with your bundle of joy. A great song to dedicate to the "little man" or "little lady" in your life!


7. "My Favourite Things" by Julie Andrews

The iconic tune from the iconic movie, The Sound of Music, is filled with cheerful lyrics that irradiate positivity and are perfect for bringing a smile to you and your baby.

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 8. "Ripple" by The Grateful Dead

I don't think many parents want to raise their kids to have these guys as role models, but their music (specifically this cheerful song) is great for singing to your baby to relax and calm them down.


9. "Mermaid Lullaby" by The Backyardigans

Probably the most age appropriate song on the list thus far. It's the perfect song to sing to your very own "little mermaid" before bedtime!


10. "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns N' Roses

Another example of guys whom you don't to serve as role models to your kids (I'm lookin' at you Axl Rose). In any case, this song is the perfect track o sing to the little rocker in your family. Especially, for a father to sing to his daughter!


11. "Moon, Moon, Moon" by The Laurie Berkner Band

Another age appropriate song for you baby. If you and your spouse can nail this kid-friendly, a cappella song, then you're doing parenting (and bedtime) the right way!

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12. "Lullaby" by Jack Johnson and Matt Costa

An amazingly sweet lullaby to sing to your baby from two talented musicians, this song is perfect for bedtime or maybe even naptime! The cheerful tune is great for cheering up your baby during a crying fit, too.


13. "Forever Young" by Bob Dylan

Another great folksy tune to sing to your baby boy or baby girl. You may not be able to match up with Bob Dylan's distinct voice, but we're sure you'll do just fine covering this sweet song dedicated to sons and daughters.


14. "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley

You have sang the lyrics to this song without even realizing it! "Don't worry about a thing...every little thing is gonna be alright"! Pretty much a parent's anthem, and it's great for calming down your baby or just simply expressing your love in a laid back fashion.


15. "You are My Sunshine" by Johnny Cash

Another classic go-to for parents, and one that's very deeply embedded in popular culture. The Johnny Cash version may be the best version, in my opinion, but as long as you know the lyrics to this song, it doesn't matter which version you prefer!

[h/t: Everyday Family]

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