Congrats! Descendants Of The Sun stars Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-Kyo announce wedding!

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Descendants Of The Sun Stars Song Joong-Ki And Song Hye-Kyo are finally tying the knot, much to the happiness of their fans!

Fans of Korean drama, Descendants Of The Sun, have got the happy ending they wanted!

The reel life romance between the show’s stars Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-Kyo just turned real, and they are all set for a fairytale wedding in October!

Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo to wed

According to The Straits Times, until last month, the agencies representing the 2 actors were busy denying that the two were dating. Reports that the two had gone to Bali together were rebutted.

But in a K-drama like twist, on Jul 4, agencies Blossom Entertainment and United Artists Agency surprised fans all over the world by releasing news of the wedding.

Congrats! Descendants Of The Sun stars Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-Kyo announce wedding!

PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/ descendantsofthesun.kbs

In a statement they said, “Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo will be holding a wedding ceremony on the final day of October, 2017.”

“A marriage is not only a private matter but also a meeting between two families, so it was a delicate situation in many ways.There was no choice but to be cautious prior to marriage, and so we are at last conveying this message. We ask for everyone’s understanding.”

“We ask for you to send the couple best wishes for their beautiful future together, and the two actors will be conveying the news to their fans separately. Thank you.”

Congrats! Descendants Of The Sun stars Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-Kyo announce wedding!

PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/ descendantsofthesun.kbs

The news has since then spread like wild fire, and fans of the Song-Song couple have made sure that #SongSongCouple is trending worldwide on Twitter!

Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo write confirmation letters to fans!

Song Hye Kyo has now confirmed this great news by posting a letter online for her fans. She writes, Hello, It’s Hye Kyo. It’s been a long time since I said hello to Sunflower.

I wanted to share a personal message at the place where I’ve connected with my fans since my debut.

You were probably surprised by my sudden wedding news. I understand that you may think I lacked the respect for my fans and that you could have been shocked, but I hope you can understand me with an open heart.

Joong Ki and I were first co-workers who matched well. Throughout the project, I realised that we had similar values and ideas, and I was able to share everything with him.

He was such a good co-worker and friend to me, so we contacted frequently and spent time to get to know each other better.

Joong Ki showed me his self, trust, and his manners for a long time.

I thought to myself that it would be good to spend the future with him and I was glad that he could feel my true emotions as well.

That’s when I knew that he was the one.

I wanted to let my fans know first about the marriage but since this matter involves more than just me, I was extra careful about it. I’m nervous and rattled to be announcing the news of my wedding so suddenly but I believe my fans will support me.

Please continue to love and trust my choices as you have until now.

I thank all of my fans once again for being patient and waiting until I spoke up.

I am no longer one person but two people now, I will take this opportunity to live better and be more conscious of everything around me.

Please give me your blessings. 
Thank you.”

Congrats! Descendants Of The Sun stars Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye-Kyo announce wedding!

PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/ descendantsofthesun.kbs

Awww…wasn’t that really sweet?!

On his part, Song Joong Ki too has released a letter online, much to his fans’ delight. He writes, “It’s been a long time since I greeted you guys. I’m writing this because I want to receive your blessings before anyone else. I am truly nervous as I am writing this but I wish to tell you guys my true feelings.

I was recently able to be part of a drama that made me shine brighter than ever before and I enjoyed the happiest days of my life because of your tremendous love I received from everyone. After the drama, I gained another precious friend who I shared my honest feelings with, and we developed a loving relationship.

At the start of 2016, we promised to spend the rest of our lives together by understanding each others’ weaknesses and helping each other through harsh times. So I will be starting a new life with Miss Song Hye Kyo through our wedding on the last day of October 2017.

Furthermore, there were many parties involved in the making of the movie and many were looking forward to the release date of this move. Because all these factors, I was worried about the possible harm that might come to this project and if I showed a less-understanding self, I apologize…”

“I heard once that life isn’t about speed but rather about direction. As someone who’s moved fast and didn’t see his surroundings all this time… I will work harder to become someone who learn from others and learn to walk instead of run.

I wish everyone will support this mindset and cheer for me. I will become an actor who doesn’t change from this mindset and become someone who is a strong family man. Please support the cheerful encounter between the two of us. Thank you.”

So much love…we are already melting!

Here’s wishing this cute, lovey-dovey pair lots of love and happiness!

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(Source: Channel NewsAsia, The Straits Times)

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