Soft Drinks Increase Risk of Pancreatic Cancer

Soft Drinks Increase Risk of Pancreatic Cancer

Is there an increased risk of pancreatic cancer with drinking slightly under one soft drink a day?

Ok, so we all know that sugar's bad for health. But how bad is it exactly? What's tough is that our children seem to love it and it's always hiding in goody bags they carry home from parties. But did you know that the worst kind of sugar is the kind you find in sodas? Large amounts of sugar in soft drinks has been shown to cause an increased risk in pancreatic cancer. Drinking five cans a week can cause a whopping 87% increase. Although pancreatic cancer accounts for a very small percentage of all cancers, it is very difficult to treat and it has a very poor prognosis.

Ultimately, high quantities of sugar lead to obesity and diabetes. These in turn are factors that can increase risk of pancreatic cancer and many other diseases.

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