7 snack hacks you can serve anytime that make your life easier!

7 snack hacks you can serve anytime that make your life easier!

Are you running out of creative snack ideas for your little ones? Here are 7 snack hacks that will make your life a whole lot easier!

#1 Apple 'donuts'

apple donuts

Image Credit: Pinterest

Here's a way to trick your child into eating their fruits! Cover apple slices with some gooey chocolate and sprinkle some edible confetti all over. You can even switch it up with peanut butter or caramel sauce - whatever they like best with when snacking on an apple.

#2 Ice Cream Sandwich Pile

Image Credit: Lifehack.org

These effortlessly fancy ice-cream sandwiches are handy to serve to your group of friends -- especially if they are picky with the ice cream flavour that goes on their cookies! Simply cut a slice of your favourite ice cream pint (make sure the name of the flavour is intact) with a sharp and warm knife. Place the ice cream slice in between two cookies. Pile the sandwiches up on a plate and you're ready to serve!

#3 Reusable snack shaker


Image Credit: Pinterest

Tired of snacks spilling everywhere? Re-purpose a mason jar and the top of any empty juice carton to make the perfect DIY, child-friendly snack shaker. Cut the top of the carton to fit your mason jar lid. Get rid of any material that covers the lid and replace it with the piece of carton and you're good to go.

#4 Butterfly pack


Image Credit: Pinterest

Get creative -- design your own snack clipper with googly eyes and bug fillers, then clip it on your child's Ziplock. You'll have a butterfly snack pack ready to be stuffed inside your preschooler's bag! He'll definitely be looking forward to recess all day.

#5 Travel snack pack!


Image Credit: Pinterest

Take your tots on happy travels! This on-the-go snack pack is a lifesaver -- especially when you have 3-year-olds running around wailing for a little snack.

#6 Oreo shaker


Image Credit: Lifehack.org

Here's a way to save yourself all the trouble in crushing oreos each time your little one craves for a McFlurry. Just crush a few oreos into crumbs and pour it all in a pepper shaker -- you'll have oreo sprinkles at the ready for whenever you need them!

#7 Frozen berry-yoghurt bites


Image Credit: Pinterest

Love frozen berries dipped in yoghurt? Why not combine the two to bite-sized pieces to snack on? These frozen bites will soon be your child's favourite healthy snack to chomp on all day long.

Source: Pinterest, Lifehack.org

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Mizah Salik

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