Single mum raped mercilessly by father of three

Single mum raped mercilessly by father of three

A single mum in Singapore, was raped by a father of three. Read the shocking account of her ordeal. How can you protect yourself from such predators?

In a shocking revelation, it has been proved that father of three, Muhammad Farhan Mohamed Buan, had raped a single mum at a New Year’s Eve party, that took place at D’Kranji Farm Resort, on Dec 31, 2014. What is even more shocking is that the culprit had attended the party that night, with his wife and 3 kids.

For this heinous crime, he has been sentenced to 9 years of jail and 6 strokes of the cane.

That fateful night

According to The New Paper, on that fateful night, the victim, then 30, was resting outside in a pavilion, after the party had wound up. The convict sneaked out of his chalet when his wife and kids were fast asleep. He then approached the victim and tried to make small talk.

She was probably deceived by his demeanor and even took a few puffs from his cigarette. In return, he demanded sex. She tried to put some sense into his head by reminding him about his wife and kids, but the convict was persistent and stayed on.

The woman wanted to take a taxi home, but she had no money. On the pretext of helping her, Farhan handed her a $10 note, then forcibly kissed her and exposed himself to her.

single mum in Singapore raped

The woman feared for her life

The woman felt violated and began to leave. Farhan accompanied her, claiming that it was unsafe for her to be alone at that time of dawn. They were walking down a heavily forested area, when the culprit grabbed her and threw her on the grass.

The victim begged for her life, even lying to him about having AIDS, but the culprit was merciless and raped her stone-heartedly. Throughout her ordeal, the woman kept pleading for some leniency, as she had a 4-year-old son to look after.

After the act, Farhan handed her another $15, and asked her not to reveal what had taken place. He then walked away, leaving the victim alone in the darkness, half naked.

Reporting the crime

The victim managed to pull herself up from the ordeal. Fortunately, she was able to flag down a taxi quickly. The taxi driver alerted the police as soon as he got to know about the gruesome crime.

They were able to follow and identify Muhammad Farhan, who was still walking towards his resort. It is understood that he later walked into his chalet and confessed to his wife. He was arrested soon after.

Protecting yourself from sexual assaults

The world is unfortunately becoming more and more unsafe for women. Here are a few tips from us on how to protect yourself from predators:

  • Avoid isolation : In a party, if you ever need to be on your own, make sure that you let your friends know where they can find you. When walking alone, use well lit routes.
  • Trust your instinct : Your first instinct is probably your best instinct. If you feel weird or uncomfortable around someone, just avoid him. Trust your gut. Don’t worry about hurting his feelings or what others might think. Your safety comes first.
  • Don’t trust strangers : Remember what your parents taught you? Try not to accept favours from strangers. They might have a hidden agenda.

single mum in Singapore raped

  • When in trouble, scream : It is important to attract people’s attention, when in crisis. So scream your lungs out. This is also known to deter rapists more than pleas and cries.
  • Make use of your mobile : Always carry your cell phone with you. Make sure it is well charged. If at all you feel weird, blast off a quick message to friends.
  • Think twice before posting that status message online : Everyone on Facebook does not need to know which movie you are watching tonight, or where you just checked in to eat. Stalkers will use this information to keep track of your movements.

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