Single mum in Singapore: Kind man tips single mum waitress $2000!

Single mum in Singapore: Kind man tips single mum waitress $2000!

Kind man helps single mum in Singapore, "We have two hands, one is to work hard and the other is to help others."

She is a struggling single mum in Singapore, juggling multiple jobs, just so that she can feed her two kids and pay their school fees.

Her husband left her a while ago, “My ex-husband, a Singaporean, left me for a woman from China.”

Her story was recently reported on Stomp, and it is sure to bring a tear to your eye…

Struggling single mum in Singapore

This 37-year-old mum, known only as XYW (her initials) first arrived in Singapore from Penang 10 years back. Things haven’t been going well ever since her divorce in 2012.

To make ends meet, she toils day and night. She cleans houses and washs clothes during the day, and works at a steamboat restaurant in Katong at night. 

She tells Stomp, “As I am a permanent resident, I have very few subsidies.”

“My take-home salary from the restaurant is $700 plus while I can earn $50 for every home I clean (about four hours each time). Sometimes, I have to clean up to 20 houses a month.” 

In spite of working so hard, she recently hit a rough patch and realised that she did not have enough money for the kids’ school fees.

It worried her and she wondered what she would do.

single mum in Singapore

Single mum in Singapore gets blessing from above

Well, you know what they say, “When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window…”

For mummy XYW, just when she felt the most helpless, walked in a very unexpected blessing, “Earlier this week, a couple who are regulars in the place that I work in, came in and ordered their usual soup and food, and one coke.”

Noticing that she was looking rather gloomy, the man asked her the reason for her unhappiness, “Previously, we had casually chatted a few times and he noticed that I am holding down many odd jobs and am working very hard as a single mother.”

“I told him that my kids’ childcare fees was due and I was having issues, but I just had to work harder.”

The man simply smiled and asked for the bill. The total bill was $66.

“After I went to the counter to swipe his Visa card, I realised he had placed his Visa card and two $1,000 notes into the bill folder.”

She initially thought that it was a mistake, and returned the money to the customer.

But it was not a mistake. The truth moved her to tears.

She recalls, “That’s when he told me something I will never forget. He said, “No it’s not a mistake, we have two hands, one is to work hard and the other is to help others.””

Generous customer traced

And now, this kind Singapore man has been traced. He is Mr Atwell Tay, and that day, he was at the restaurant with his wife and oldest daughter.

He tells Stomp, “My family is also in the food and beverage business, so I know what a tough industry it can be, having helped my father in the kitchen before. It requires a lot of energy and can be very stressful.”

“She (XYW) is also a very hardworking person, and this is a quality that’s hard to find in Singapore nowadays.”

“I appreciate and am impressed by people who work hard instead of stretching their hands out to ask for money.”

single mum in Singapore

Photo: Facebook/Atwell Tay

This father of 3 hopes to be a role model for his daughters, “Being humble is a virtue and I want them to see that.”

Mummy XYW has only nice things to say about her benefactor, “He visits the restaurant about thrice a week, always in a different car.”

“However, I am really touched because he always clears his own plates, telling my colleagues that it’s okay and to relax.”

She also feels that Mr. Tay is different from other rich people, “Mr Tay is humble and always greets us, saying thank you and everything.”

Mr. Tay, meanwhile, remains hugely inspired by his mother, “She told me I could do whatever I want, but to always have commitment and consistency, or one would never succeed.”

This is not the first time Mr. Tay has found himself in the news. He had earlier shot into the limelight when his mother gifted him a flashy Lotus supercar for his 29th birthday!

He feels that it is unfair to judge and stereotype people based on their wealth, “Coming from a poor family and becoming rich doesn’t mean you will end up helping everyone.”

“Neither does coming from a rich family and being successful mean you will help other people. It all boils down to the individual.” 

And as he writes on Facebook, “I’m no angel, I’ve been in the papers/media many times for wrong reasons. But I just want to say that in everything you do, put God first. It has kept me humble.”

“I respect everyone who works tirelessly to achieve their goals. In particular, people of my generation.”

“Regardless of your occupation. Cleaners, waiters, lawyers, doctors, teachers. Its not easy, so never give up.”

“Fall down 9 times get up 10. I don’t care how much money you have, it’s what you do with what you have.”

“When you have achieved your goals, reach back and pull someone up.”

“Lastly, Let’s inspire to make a difference together.”

Well said.

(Source: StompThe Straits Times, The Independent)

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