A single mum missed her class and here's what her professor had to say

A single mum missed her class and here's what her professor had to say

There was no one to look after her baby and she had to skip class to care for her little one. What did her professor say about this?

It's not easy being a single mum. And it's certainly not easy being a single mum of a small baby and a student at the same time.

Just imagine the challenge of dealing with baby-related sleepless nights and those connected to studying and exams. The juggling act of getting to classes on time and managing proper care for baby.  The sheer tiredness of being a mum and a student at the same time. 

But there are incredible women who do just this such as U.S mum Morgan King. This 21-year-old is mummy to a young baby and is a student of therapeutic recreation at the University of Tennessee. She also has an adorable baby daughter. 

One day last month, she could not find anyone to care for her baby, so she had to miss class. Her professor - Sally Hunter - spotted that Morgan was not in class and asked why. Upon finding out the reason, she immediately emailed the young mum with this message: 

single mum skips class

Morgan was overjoyed by her professor's response and extremely touched at her kindness, and shared a photo of the email on Twitter, expressing her gratitude.

Netizens were quick to respond with messages of support and appreciation at Dr. Hunter's understanding and kindness, quickly making the letter go viral. 

Supporting mums 

Motherhood should not be a reason for a woman to discontinue her education. But motherhood, with all its challenges, can certainly be reason enough for a mum to give up on her studies.

In the first place, Morgan should be commended for setting such a strong example to her little girl by determinedly pursuing her education, despite the many hurdles - big and small - she undoubtedly encountered along the way.

However, if Dr. Hunter did not show understanding towards this young mum's plight, Morgan might very well have given up on her education - if not completely, then at least until her daughter was older. 

By showing kindness and encouraging Morgan to even bring her little girl to class, Dr. Hunter shows that motherhood and education can go hand-in-hand, and that compassion and caring can go a long way. 

Kudos to both Morgan and her Dr. Hunter for setting shining examples in exactly how women can support other women in both education and parenthood. 

All images from Twitter. 

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