Single Mother Stranded With 6 Kids: Netizens Show Support After Mum, 6 Kids Evicted

Single Mother Stranded With 6 Kids: Netizens Show Support After Mum, 6 Kids Evicted

A single mum, along with her six kids, was evicted from their rental after failing to pay dues.

Due to her inability to pay rent, a struggling single mother was left stranded with 6 kids, and evicted from her rental flat.

The mother, identified only as Lina, along with her children were “kicked out” from their rental flat “due to outstanding rental default,” a report from The Independent stated. 

Ms Lina and her 6 children—ages 14 years, 12 years, 9 years, 8 years, 5 years and 2 months are currently living at her sister’s house following the eviction. 

She spoke to socio-political activist Gilbert Goh, who visited her to lend assistance and moral support. He reported that the mother had just started work and that she had applied for ComCare Assistance with the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

single mother evicted from rental

The single mother evicted from rental appealed to socio-political activist Gilbert Goh. | Source: Facebook

Stranded with 6 kids, no more savings

The 32-year-old mother whose husband had left her was struggling and had asked for assistance to help buy food rations. 

She had previously used up her savings just so she could top-up her children’s travel cards, in order for them to take the bus to school. She reported to not having any more money saved aside, as she had used it all up in the purchase of concessionary travel, and asked for assistance in topping-up her kids EZ-Link cards. 

Single Mother Stranded With 6 Kids: Netizens Show Support After Mum, 6 Kids Evicted

“I don’t have any savings to top up their EZ-Link card any more. Can you help my kids top up their EZ-Link as study[ing] is important?”, she asked of Mr Goh and his team. 

Insufficient formula milk for the baby 

She further added that the infant only drank a soy-based formulation for milk, and that the baby was “low on milk” due to her inability to provide her with the amount the infant required. 

Mr Goh had reportedly previously extended assistance to the single mother a few years back, however, when she was in a similar situation. He stated that he had helped repaint her home. Another Samaritan had also built her a cabinet. 

However, he commented that she has now lost her home, and it “looks like her situation is regressing”.

He hopes that any assistance rendered to her would be more targeted and specific, as the burden of tending to a big family has been difficult for her to manage.

Support from netizens

Just after two days of posting her plea for assistance on Mr Goh’s page, netizens have shared willingness to also extend assistance to Ms Lina’s family.

single mum evicted from rental

Image source: Gilbert Goh / Facebook

According to Mr Goh’s Facebook page, he and his team “delivered some food aid plus a[n] angpow and some NTUC vouchers.” He also said that many have contacted him “to bless the family.”

“HDB has also contacted the family asking if they could provide any shelter assistance but the family is comfortable currently staying with the sister,” he said.


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