Singaporean wives share the one thing their husbands do to show them love

Singaporean wives share the one thing their husbands do to show them love

He isn't like Jack in Titanic or Hyun Bin in Secret Garden or even Shah Rukh Khan in Kal Ho Naa Ho, but don't worry, your husband still loves you

Although your hubby isn't treating you the way Jack treated Rose in Titanic or professed his love for you the way the male leads in almost every Korean drama do, it doesn't mean he loves you any less!

These Singaporean mums share the little things that their husbands do that kept the spark in their marriage. Read on!

6 ways husbands show their wives they love them

#1 A cute routine


"Every time I take a shower, my husband stops whatever he’s doing to scrub my back. Although he’s done this since we got married eight years ago, it still makes me feel special each time."

Wife: Janine Lim, 40, Housewife

Husband: Shawn Lim 42, Businessman

#2 Problem solving

"Problem solving can be unexpectedly romantic. After he noticed my frustration in waiting for my laptop to work, my husband surprised me by ordering and installing more memory on it. I hadn’t complained about it; he just saw me struggling and fixed it."

Wife: Izzah Zakariah, 35, Clinic Assistant

Husband: Zaid Zaini, 38, Technician

#3 Little surprises


“His hiding places have been great. He’ll wrap them in the toilet paper in the guest bathroom, or I’ll find them in my lingerie drawer. Discovering them is like finding money every time.”

Wife: Serene Lesslar, 32, Marketing Executive

Husband: Mervin Lesslar, 32, Musician

#4 Leaving notes

"Communication is key, so they say. My hubby leaves notes every morning in my pockets or on the coffee table saying things like "Today's going to be awesome." or "Can't wait to see you tonight." Warms my heart every time."

Wife: Isabelle Tan, 36, Housewife

Husband: Michael Tan, 35, Dentist

#5 Reading to me


"He's not a reader, never was. But he knows how much of a reader I am and it became a thing for him to read the newspaper to me every morning while I prepare for work. I can't remember how it started but I sure don't want it to end!"

Wife: Myra Abdullah, 40, Housewife

Husband: Danial Samsudin, 45, Engineer

#6 Makes it a point to visit my family

"Most of my family members are living in Penang and my husband makes it a point to visit them at least once a month. It really means a lot."

Wife: Nadine De Suza, 35, Property Agent

Husband: Alex De Suza, 37, Security Officer


How does your husband show you that he loves you? Share your thoughts with us!

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Pavin Chopra

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