4 ways to a more romantic husband

4 ways to a more romantic husband

Need a little sizzle in your marriage? Let us help you!

romantic husband

4 ways to turn your man into a romantic husband

Romance is often the first thing to disappear in a marriage. Lack of romance does not mean that the marriage is bad or lacks something, but it does mean that it requires a bit of a push to keep the flames of passion alive.

Women are naturally romantic but men require a lot of help in this department. If your husband isn’t good with romantic ideas and gestures, don’t take it personally. Men are just built that way. Most men aren’t just into these things and don’t really pay that much attention to it. The good news is you can have a hand in helping make your husband more romantic. Here’s how to do it:

1. Customize his calendar

Women tend to feel bad when their husbands forget important dates, such as birthdays or anniversaries. Don’t wait for your husband to forget any of yours by buying him a calendar.

Spruce the calendar up by adding notes and little hearts on all important dates that you don’t want him to forget. Remember to mark the dates for important anniversaries, such as wedding anniversary, your first date and first kiss.

On random dates on the calendar, put in little reminders such as, “buy [insert your name] flowers, call wife today, go home early and watch movie with wife” and so on. This will allow him to be more spontaneous without you expecting it. Don’t forget to mark special events important to him too like father’s day, his birthday, the day he graduated from college, or the day he got his first car. This will get him excited about what you have planned for him.

romantic husband

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2. Show him what romance is

Most men have no idea what romance is and why their wives want them to be romantic. In order for him to become a more romantic husband, immerse him in romance. Show him why romance is wonderful by surprising him with a romantic night at home.

Send the kids to grandma’s or the sitter’s house for a few hours to ensure privacy. Once he gets home from work, offer him his favourite drink and a delicious meal. During dessert, take off his shoes and massage his feet. If he prefers a full body massage or a soak in the tub, do it for him. If he comments about how nice everything is, tell him that is exactly how you feel like when he is being romantic towards you.

3. Being exact

Sometimes, the best way to have a romantic husband is to tell him exactly what you want. It may not be as great as being surprised but if you want flowers and chocolates, say so. If he buys you some, be appreciative. If he does this more often, he will eventually realize that you really like flowers and chocolates. Next time, he’ll be able to remember to buy some without you having to tell him.

4. Make a checklist

Create a list of romantic activities that you and your husband would like to do together for the entire month. Allow your “newly-converted” romantic husband to schedule the events himself so that it will be a joint effort, and will help to maintain the element of surprise.

Do you have a romantic husband? Did you have to do unconventional things to turn him into a romantic husband? Share your story with us. Check out this video with tips on preparing dinner at home for your romantic husband:

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