A Singapore Love Story: This Wife Travels From Sengkang To Kranji Daily!

A Singapore Love Story: This Wife Travels From Sengkang To Kranji Daily!

This Singapore love story will melt your heart. Read why this wife travels every day from Sengkang to Kranji!

What is true love, really? In this age of instant gratification and Tinder swipes, it is so easy to fall in love. But to stay in love? Aren't we all struggling a little to keep our relationships afloat?

This young man found his answer when he observed his parents.

A Singapore Love Story To Melt Your Heart

In a moving post on Facebook that first appeared in 2017, Fariz Suhaimi writes, "Many times have I heard stories of girls telling that a real guy is hard to find."

"However its not about who is suppose to be the perfect one. An act of simple kindness and sincerity comes from oneself."

"My father works more than 12 hours a day (under the hot sun) just to let my mom have a good life. But she still chose not to sit and relax even though she can have a good life."

"She will travel all the way from Sengkang to Kranji just to share meals with dad and make sure dad won't go hungry. Then go back home saying, "Now I can rest with ease knowing your dad is not hungry and he's all good"."

Wow! Isn't that the nicest and sweetest thing to do for your partner? How many of us can brave the hot sun and travel all that way every day just to have lunch together?!

Fariz remains inspired by the love and devotion shown by his mother.

He writes, "The definition of a strong woman is not only just independent, but a strong woman is a person who will stand by her partner's side no matter what the situation is."

"Remember, even the worst man on the planet can be tamed by a woman not because she is strong physically or mentally, but a person who shares sincerity, love, care and loyalty towards that man."

"I'm lucky to have this great lesson taught by my parents not by words, but by the act shown as an example."

"Health is the greatest gift
Contentment is the greatest wealth
Faithfulness is the best relationship"

So beautifully written, and so true. An amazing relationship doesn't happen overnight. It happens when your love is pure and unconditional, and when you can give, without expecting anything in return...

Here is Fariz's full post on Facebook...


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