Singapore dad of four with stage 4 cancer in desperate need of help for treatment

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This Singapore dad with cancer is desperately in need of help for treatment, and for supporting his four kids, wife and parents. Please try to help...

A Singapore dad with cancer is in urgent need of money for treatment, and for supporting his family. He is the sole breadwinner of the family, and lives in a three-room flat with his elderly parents, his wife and their four kids (aged five to 12).

This dad has been diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer, and lacks funds in his CPF Medisave account for treatment. Let's all try to support this family in whatever little way we can.

Singapore Dad with Cancer Needs Help for Treatment

Mr. Ho's story was shared on Facebook by Buddhist group, Three Treasure Pavilion, who is trying to raise funds for this daddy of four.

39-year-old Ho was working as a taxi driver until recently. He was also doing a side business selling electronic stuff online to earn extra income.

Two years back, fate struck a cruel blow when Ho got diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer. He is not able to work anymore and support his family.

Earlier, his family was supported by siblings and various Social Welfare groups. But now, Ho's condition has worsened. The cancer cells have started to spread to his stomach.

His siblings are unable to contribute more as they have their own families and kids to support.  

Not Enough Funds in CPF Medisave

To add to his woes, Mr Ho’s CPF Medisave is only able to payout for a day's stay in the hospital. His present condition however, requires him to be warded in hospital for a longer period of time.

Social welfare groups are unable to cover his medical expenses either.

Three Treasure Pavilion recently conducted an e-auction to help Ho. To donate and help, you can also message their representative Meng Feng Brennan Ong on Facebook. 

We hope that Ho recovers soon. Here is the full post about his condition:

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