Singapore Dad, Son Win Medals in International Modern Pentathlon!

Singapore Dad, Son Win Medals in International Modern Pentathlon!

Find out how this Singapore boy's interest in Nerf guns led him on to greater things in life!

This Singapore boy’s interest in shooting foam bullets has begun to pay dividends.

Ian Izree Hairul Nazwa loves shooting Nerf guns so much, he has even taken part in a Nerf competition. Little did he know that his childhood fascination would lead him to winning two international modern pentathlon medals for Singapore.

Twin glory at Asean Modern Pentathlon Championship

According to The Straits Times, at the Asean Modern Pentathlon Championship (AMPC) held in Thailand from Dec 8-12, Ian won 2 medals; a bronze in the individual youth category, and a silver in the youth team category of the three-discipline competition, comprising a beach run, open-water swim and laser pistol shooting.

What made the win even sweeter was when his father, Hairul Nazwa Dol, clinched a silver in the senior men’s team competition.

Ian is obviously very thrilled about the double win, “I don’t really like cycling, but I was interested in shooting because I enjoy shooting Nerf guns.So when my dad told me the modern pentathlon has those sports, I decided to take part for fun.”

The father-son duo first took part in a modern pentathlon together in 2012.

Singapore dad son win medals

Father as coach

Singapore Dad, Son Win Medals in International Modern Pentathlon!

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This 40-year-old Singapore dad also doubles up as coach for his only son, which makes sense, because he is also a full-time sport endurance coach.

Is coaching other students different from coaching your own child? According to Hairul, “You can be hard on your students, but you must be understanding of them. As a father, it’s the same but I can push a bit more because I understand him better.”

Ian thinks his father is really strict as a coach, “My dad is very fierce with me when it comes to coaching. He wants me to be focused, and if I try to fight back or argue, he’ll add on extra sets.”

He however, cherishes the time spent training with his dad, “But it’s good; I feel honoured that he cares so much, and having a father who cares is better than having an outside coach, because he can help me with my diet and time management, and the training sessions can always fit my schedule.”

Apparently, this father and son have competed in at least 10 races together.

We hope they achieve greater success in days to come.

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Singapore dad son win medals

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(Source: The Straits Times)

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