Dads, read this advice only another father can give you

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Fatherhood is exciting and scary at the same time. Here are some man-to-man advice from someone who has already started his journey.

You are counting down to the big day. Hence, you googled about what life will be like after the arrival of your mini – me. Your bros gave you lots of weird advice. You tried to think back what your dad was like when you were little. And then the day arrived, as you held your fragile little bundle of joy in your arms. You resist the urge to hold him up like little Simba in Lion King. You think to yourself, ok man what’s next.

I began the same journey three years ago, when I said Hi to my son KC. So, my dear friend, your life is about to change…… 

1. No more 8 hours of sleep

In the past I’ll only wake up in the middle of the night if I have to visit the bathroom. But now I will wake up to his cry for milk, or just because I got kicked in the face by him for no reason. Forget uninterrupted sleep. Be grateful if your total sleep time adds up to 8 hours.

2. Your schedule revolves around your kid

You’ll start planning your outing around your baby’s nap time, feeding time etc. You’ll leave a gathering when he gets cranky. You’ll prefer to meet where there is air con and kid friendly furniture. You will sleep (or attempt to sleep) when he sleeps. Basically do what the boss does. Movies on a weekend? Wave goodbye to that, unless of course your mum can stand in for a couple of hours.

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3. Your food choices change

Yes that is right. No more extra spicy mee goreng. You’ll be eating healthy food, and left overs. I or my wife usually eat what KC leaves on his plate. Lucky for us he likes spicy food and meat.

4. New hang outs

Expo, Suntec, Big Box are your new hangouts. Weekends will be reserved to conquer baby fairs. You will know the dates of the baby fairs, like the release dates of your favourite PS4 games. You will memorize the locations of all the hip play gyms in Singapore, and look for those with a café.

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Fatherhood in a nutshell…

The thing I was trying to say, in a fun and casual way is that you will ascend to another stage in your life. You will put the wellbeing of another above your own. You did that once when you became a husband, you are doing it again when you become Dad. “Hi Darling! I’m your Dad” is a reassurance to your child that you are going to take care of everything. It’s going to be tough, but it’s going to be manly. And don’t worry, you are not alone!

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