Six-year-old dies after heavy shop mirror falls onto her

Six-year-old dies after heavy shop mirror falls onto her

The company has accepted full responsibility over the tragic incident, and is currently negotiating with the victim's family about compensation.

One place we like to frequent with the family is shopping malls: for shopping, fun and also to escape from the heat. Because the kids are indoors, it’s easy to assume they are safe. But parents still shouldn’t let down their guard, and should remember shopping mall safety and security tips when out and about  with their kids. 

Six-year-old girl dies after heavy mirror drops on her

A clothing store in one of Shanghai’s shopping malls has been temporarily shut down following a six-year-old girl’s death after a mirror fell on her on Saturday, 8 December 2018.

Local media reported that the incident occurred at a store named IT, located on Foxtown mall,  inside Feizhou International Building. At the time, the victim, surnamed Yao, was buying clothes with her parents and grandmother.

Apparently, the girl’s dad hurried to her when he heard Yao’s mum shrieking. After clearing the glass shards form the mirror, the girl appeared to be unconscious and was vomiting blood.

When paramedics arrived, they brought her to Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital, which was close by but were not able to save her. Yao died after suffering from serious brain injuries. 

According to the mum, the mirror — which was so dense that it needed two adults to raise it up — dropped unexpectedly. 

Reports from local media say the mirror weighed in from 50 to 60 kilograms. It had been left unattended in the store’s corner. The mirror had no other physical support and was left leaning against the wall for months. 

Presently, authorities are investigating this tragic incident. In the meantime,  the clothing outlet is negotiating how much they should compensate for with Yao’s family, whereas the mall is also conducting security checks to take out any unstable mirrors.

shopping mall safety and security

Shopping mall safety and security: the mirror was so heavy it needed two adults to carry it above ground. | Image Source: SCMP

Shopping mall safety and security tips for your child

Hands off the merchandise

Some products on sale can physically harm children. In particular, breakable goods such as glass items and little things that they can choke on are real hazards. Make sure they they do not touch any of them.

Move safely

Make sure that your children know that they shouldn’t play in certain spaces in the mall. Escalators, elevators, and product displays are all areas where accidents can happen from just playing. 

Keep them within eyesight and reach at all times.

A few seconds is all it takes for someone to grab your child and take them away, or for a tragic accident like above to happen. Even if you literally keep them on a leash, people can still easily cut the strap without you noticing it. Don’t hope for your reflexes and survival skills to just kick in at the sight of danger. Remember, prevention is better than cure, so always have them within arm’s length.

Be aware of your surroundings.

Malls aren’t baby-proofed.  So do take note that of any places where there can be potential hazards, such as:

  • glass, sharp or pointy corners (just like what happened a child who hit her eye on a clothes rack)
  • getting caught in between elevator doors
  • or wandering over to the escalators. 
shopping mall safety and security

Shopping mall safety and security: always keep your kids safe near escalators, and tell them to avoid playing nearby the area. | Image Source: Stock Photo

Be clear about who’s responsible for whom.

Just because you’re with other family members, don’t assume that one of them will automatically watch out for your child. Not only can this assumption lead to misunderstandings, it can also make way for preventable accidents.

Instead, tell your child to stick to an adult or their sibling, and instruct the person looking out for them to keep their eyes on them like a hawk.

Parents, we hope that this article on shopping mall safety and security has helped to keep your child safe. If you liked this article, please consider sharing it on your social media platform!

References: Shanghaiist, SCMP

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