11 Classic family movies with unexpectedly sexy scenes

11 Classic family movies with unexpectedly sexy scenes

While these films are known for being family-friendly movies, there are certain scenes within them that aren't exactly for kids!

Regardless of where you stand when it comes to a healthy amount of screen time for kids, there's no escaping media as an important part of your child's life. So you embrace the good parts, like family movies. But what happens when you come across, for example, sexy scenes in family movies? 

Would it be great if you had some kind of warning to alert you to avoid watching such movies with your little ones? That's why we're here to help!

11 Sexy scenes in family movies to watch out for!

1. Beauty and the Beast

Yes, you read that right. This beloved Disney classic may not have intended to include a sexy scene, but many would agree that the cleavage exposure of the barmaids and their constant lusting over Gaston counts as non-kid friendly. 

2. Big

Number two on our list of sexy scenes in family movies is this beloved 80s classic stars Tom Hanks. He plays a 12-year-old trapped in a grown man's body. Naturally, some less-than-kid-friendly complications ensue, like the part where he touches a woman's breast.

3. Ghostbusters

Today's 30 and 40-somethings were kids when the original Ghostbusters came out in 1984. This cult hit had some sly jokes that are sexual in nature. 

Perhaps the most overtly non-wholesome scene is when it's made quite obvious that a ghost gave Dan Akroyd's character, Ray Stantz, oral sex. There's also a part where a possessed Dana Barrett (played by Sigourney Weaver) propositions Peter Venkman (Bill Murray).

4. The Goonies

This classic adventure comedy starred some of the most beloved child actors in the 80s. Though it tells the story of friendship and never giving up on your dreams, parents should be careful of scenes like the one where a teen jock tries to look up his date's skirt using his rearview mirror.

5. Grease 

This 1970s musical starring Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta was the soundtrack many grew up with. But did you ever realise it has themes that aren't exactly for kids? These include losing one's virginity and teen pregnancy.

6. Adventures in Babysitting

What's most worrisome about this 80s comedy is the running joke that one character resembles a Playboy model. Another problematic part of this film's narrative are the indecent proposals made by a prostitute to two teenage boys.

7. Airplane!

Another 80s film with sexy scenes that might surprise mums and dads is the wholesome comedy Airplane! Well, maybe not so wholesome. In one part, a topless woman appears on screen.

8. Parenthood

The Steve Martin-helmed comedy is loaded with sexual innuendo. Some of its dialogue also refers to sex between teens, which is odd considering the film cast several child actors.

9. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? 

Aside from the fact that Jessica Rabbit is a bombshell who wears sultry and sexy attire, this partially animated movie has a lot of unexpected phallic humour as well as double entendres.

10. Sixteen Candles

80s sweetheart Molly Ringwald is truly unforgettable in this coming-of-age film, but parents should beware of its PG rating. This movie came out in 1984, way before the PG-13 rating became a thing.

11. Spaceballs

This Star Wars parody starring comedy legend Mel Brooks isn't exactly for kids, even if it seems like it is. For starters, there's the part where President Skroob jumps into bed with twins. Then there's loads of innuendo and sexual references.

How to deal with sexy scenes in family movies

If your kids are under the age of seven, try to steer clear of films that present romantic relationships in complicated or overly physical ways. Try to choose films that don't have problematic concepts or those that reinforce confusing gender stereotypes.

For kids above seven, be careful not to let them watch films with nudity, innuendo, or overly sexualised humour. 

Try to watch films before your kids watch them, or at the very least read up about them! Most importantly, be ready to listen to your kids and answer their questions without judgment.

This will establish healthy lines of communication that will help you reach out to them more effectively until they enter the confusing years of puberty. 

Have we missed out on any other sexy scenes in family movies? Tell us if you think we should add more!

source: Common Sense Media

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