10 Family-friendly Movies You Can Watch on Netflix

10 Family-friendly Movies You Can Watch on Netflix

With the wide range of movies available on Netflix, we've sourced out the 10 best family friendly movies for you to enjoy!

Instead of heading out to the cinema to catch the latest movie, how about a stay home movie date for the whole family? For just $14.98 (excluding GST) a month, you can binge-watch any TV shows or movies on Netflix, and there’s even an account for kids that filters out any inappropriate shows or movies.

So cosy up in your pyjamas, microwave some popcorn (or head to the nearest supermarket to purchase a couple of snacks!) and relax with the whole family while you watch any one of these family-friendly movies.

#1 Chicken Run

Two chickens hatch an elaborate plan to escape the coop before they get cooked. Watch this hilarious stop-motion movie to find out if they succeed or not.

#2 Antz


Image credits: thedissolve

Think of it as A Bug’s Life, but with Woody Allen channeling his inner ant.

#3 How to Train Your Dragon

A young Viking is being trained to slay dragons. The only thing is, he’d much rather be friends with them.

#4 Monsters vs Aliens


Image credits: alphacoders

Three goofball-super creatures and one super-girl defend America from an alien invasion. An adorable movie that’s bound to make your kids laugh.

#5 Spy Kids

Two kids learn that their parents are super spies, and have been kidnapped. The brother-sister duo then transforms into mini spies and go on a mission to rescue their parents.

#6 Shark Tale

A fish and a shark become friends in order to help each other out. Friendship breaks down barriers – even the food chain!

#7 Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

Teenager, Sean Anderson, teams up with his stepfather to go on a mission to find Sean’s missing grandfather, believed to be missing on a mythical island.

#8 Bee Movie

A bee-worker gets tired of working in the factory and decides to sue the human race after finding out that humans have been stealing bees’ nectar all along.

#9 The Polar Express


In this warm-hearted tale, a young boy’s faith in the Christmas spirit is revived after he makes his way to the North Pole by train on Christmas Eve.

#10 Marley and Me

A young couple gets a dog and chaos ensues. Find out how Marley brings laughter, joy and a little mess into Josh and Jenny Grogan’s life. Tip: prepare a box of tissues.

What are some other family-friendly movies available on Netflix that you’d recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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Claudia Chia

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