5 food that will get you in the mood tonight!

5 food that will get you in the mood tonight!

For both swooning newly-weds and long-time couples, who already think that love is a many-splendoured thing, wait until you smother your tongue in the real icing on the cake: hot, steamy sex.


Here are food tips to spice up the sex in your marriage

There’s something very titillating about unleashing the animal in you when lost in an intimate moment with your beloved. It’s true; sex in marriage can be a divinely delicious escapade. But, what if there was a way to spice up the ‘kink’ even more? The answer lies simply in food.

The sexual euphoria garnered from certain gastronomic stimulants can prove a truly rewarding experience. Here a few sexy suggestions to get the two of you smoking like a grill.

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Oysters and orgasms


Touted as the ultimate aphrodisiac, oysters while a top food choice are also great for sex. It was rumoured that Casanova himself consumed 50 of them raw a day, when just five would have been sufficient to keep him going all night long.

You see, three oysters alone provide the daily recommended dose of zinc; all 15mgs of it. Oysters hold more zinc than any other food property; the element believed to enhance libido by way of elevating testosterone production.

The mineral also aids with the production of healthy sperm and blood circulation—two very importance factors in intercourse. Plus, it helps that oysters resemble female genitalia.

Red wine and meat for romance

Red wine

The perfect touch to a romantic meal, that is, red wine has unveiled scientific findings which do not disprove the positive effects the sparkling beverage has on the body. Italian researchers have discovered that the antioxidants and alcohol in the wine triggers the generation of nitric oxide in the blood. This helps artery walls relax, thus increasing blood flow to the genitals.

Meanwhile, red meat is a great source of zinc, and therefore good for one’s libido. The material also curbs the production of a hormone called prolactin which causes sexual dysfunction. A note of caution, though: a glass of wine too many and all the romance goes out the window!

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Dark chocolate for desire


Another aphrodisiac favourite: chocolate, in all its decadent gooeyness, is certainly a treat for the senses. Dark chocolate contains a compound called phenylethylamine which releases the same endorphins triggered by sex, and increases the force of attraction between two people.

In fact, a study was conducted where a man and a woman were required to either kiss or eat chocolate. The result? Interestingly, there was heightened brain stimulation in the men and women who had chocolate on their tongues rather than those who had a mouth fixed on theirs.

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Oatmeal for ‘oomph’


Your breakfast can’t be good for anything other than soothing hunger pangs, right? Wrong! Oatmeal is one of the few natural sources responsible for increasing the testosterone supply in the bloodstream. This phenomenon plays a significant role where sex drive is concerned as well as the strength of an orgasm. Oats contains L-arginine, an amino acid that is used to treat erectile dysfunction. It helps relax the muscles around blood vessels in the penis–makes you look differently at plain oatmeal now, doesn’t it?

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Chilli for chemistry


If there’s one thing Singaporeans love and would put in every dish if they could, it’s chilli! Here is one reason to love the condiment: it’s an Asian aphrodisiac. It contains concentrated quantities of capsaicin; a chemical which increases the heart rate and sensitivity in nerve endings. It also drives the release of endorphins, mimicking that ‘high’ feeling during intercourse.

Experimenting with food for the purpose of mind-blowing sex clearly has its perks. We just gave your five of them. We hope that you’ll find a special night, reserved just for husband and wife to give all of these a go and see what happens. Happy love-making!

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Felicia Chin

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