Doctors Found Sex Toy Stuck Inside Woman for TEN Years: Safety When Using Sex Toys

Doctors Found Sex Toy Stuck Inside Woman for TEN Years: Safety When Using Sex Toys

The sex toy was five inches long and was inside her for TEN YEARS!

When experts caution people not to put foreign objects inside their bodies, they should really take it a lot more seriously. This includes sex toys. Of course, sex toys are often safe to be inserted inside the body – but not for ten years.

In a freak case, doctors found a sex toy that was stuck inside a woman’s body for a whole decade! According to the New York Post, doctors were treating a 38-year-old woman from Aberdeen for weight loss.

She went to the hospital complaining of lethargy, incontinence and weight loss. However, when doctors ran tests, they discovered something quite shocking.

Doctors Found Sex Toy Stuck Inside Woman for TEN Years: Safety When Using Sex Toys

A sex toy found inside a woman could have killed her, if left for longer. | Image: Journal of Sexual Medicine [screengrab]

Sex Toy Stuck in Woman for Ten Years

They found a five-inch-long sex toy inside her vagina, and even more shocking was that it had been there for ten years. Doctors say that the sex toy could have easily killed her. 

The effects of the sex toy being in her body for ten years left her lethargic and incontinent and caused her to lose weight.

She was also found to be suffering a urinary blockage, and was diagnosed with vesicovaginal fistula, a condition which allows urine to flow into the vagina. Ouch!

According to the unnamed woman, the sex toy was used on a drunken night with a partner TEN YEARS ago. She also said she could not remember removing it.

Sex Toy Found in Body After Ten Years: Cause for Problems

sex toy found

What can we learn from this story of a sex toy found inside a woman’s body? Source: Pixabay

After surgeons removed the five-inch sex toy from her vagina, she recovered completely.

The case was even reported in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. This is what they had to say about it. “This case describes an extremely rare but potentially life-threatening case of obstructive uropathy caused by a chronically retained sex toy and adds to the list of potentially rare causes of a vesicovaginal fistula.”

In the journal, it listed more than 40 cases involving other objects, including plastic aerosol caps, which had been inserted as contraception, as well as a hairspray cap, a plastic cup and even a child’s toy.

Quick Safety Tips to Remember When Using Sex Toys

  • Wash toys after each use. Water and soap will do just fine. 
  • Try to select toys that are made of non-porous material.
  • If you’re using a sex toy anally and vaginally, wash it after anal use and before vaginal use. 
  • Always buy from a trusted company.
  • NEVER leave a sex toy inside you.

We’ve heard of other odd things surrounding sex toys, like using it to put a baby to sleep… but this takes the cake for the most outrageous (and long standing) case!

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