9 Ways to Make Sex Toys at Home and Take Pleasure to the Next Level

9 Ways to Make Sex Toys at Home and Take Pleasure to the Next Level

Wondering how to make sex toys at home? Well, it's really quite easy if you know the exact function of each object. Read on to know more.

Sex toys can definitely take a marriage to the next, steaming hot level. But let's face it — they can be rather expensive. We're here to tell you that you don't have to spend thousands of dollars building your own red room and filling it up with expensive kinky toys. You can make sex toys at home as well!

Homemade sex toys can take pleasure to the next level, when used right. Sara Nasserzadeh, Ph.D., sexuality and relationship consultant in Palo Alto, California, told Women's Health, "Homemade or everyday objects are accessible, plus they can bring lightness and laughter to the dynamic, which is always priceless.”  

9 ways you can make sex toys at home

Nasserzadeh shared ways to make sex toys at home and explains how you can use each one for maximum pleasure with your partner. 

1. Pearl necklace

make sex toys at home

Not everybody is comfortable giving a blow job. But if you want to stimulate your partner in the same way then pearl necklaces can come in handy.

Opt for a seductive strip with the necklace and slowly wrap that around his penis. 

Debra Laino, sexologist and marriage therapist based in Delaware explains, “The texture of the pearls gives the penis a very different and unique sensation.” She suggests kissing and touching the tip is an added bonus in case you are not willing to go all the way. 

2. Wooden spoons 

make sex toys at home

It's not just the salad that needs a little shove and push with a wooden spoon! Depending on your partner's preference and desires you can first discuss the idea of spanking with a wooden spoon. 

If he or she is on board, you can try this variant. But just a word of caution: make sure you wrap the spoon with non-microwavable saran wrap. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to disinfect and clean it.


3. Pillows 

make sex toys at home

Your home decor is not the only reason to invest in quality pillows and cushions. You can use them to up the ante in the bedroom as well. Rubbing your body against the pillows can stimulate the clitoris and even serve as a surrogate partner.

Along with towels, pillows can also be a great tool for masturbation. We often forget that pleasure can easily be derived from friction and pillows and cushions can do that job easily. 

4. Removable shower head 

make sex toys at home

It would be silly to assume you have never tried this old trick. And, if you haven't, worry not, because we are not judging! Instead, you should know that it is a great way to use and make sex toys at home, especially out of mundane objects. 

You can use the shower head as a vibrator and adjust the water flow according to your desire. So you can either try directly spraying it onto your clitoris or lightly letting the water touch you. Basically, you can experiment with this homemade sex toy.

5. Pot scrubber 

make sex toys at home

Yes, it does sound a bit strange to use something like this for pleasure. But it comes in handy! And if you like the sensation when you exfoliate your skin, you'll probably love this too. 

Kim Airs, sex educator and founder of the online sex toy boutique Grand Opening, LA, explains, “A scrubbie can be used gently or firmly, depending on what feels good for the user."

And it's not just the girls. The men may like it too. The only thing you need to remember is to keep away from the steel scrubber (and brand-new ones too). Also, your partner's member most probably doesn't have a build-up of grease and soot to get rid of. So go slow with the pressure... nobody wants to end up in the ER after all.

6. Mouthwash 

make sex toys at home

Have you got this already? Well, as much as your partner may like the sensation of ice during oral sex, the fact is that ice melts. Instead, try some mouthwash.

Right before the act, swish some minty fresh mouthwash and get on with it. It's going to be a different experience because mouthwash will leave a tingling sensation that will surprise and delight you!

7. Coconut oil 

make sex toys at home

Don't you wonder sometimes, is there anything coconut oil cannot make better? It's true even in the bedroom!

Jane Fleishman, Ph.D., sexuality educator in Northampton, Massachusetts, suggests that organic oil without any preservatives can be used for lubrication. 

“Just remember you can't use any oil-based lube with a latex condom because the oil will break down the integrity of the latex,” she says. Also remember that oil can grow bacteria. So make sure you use an unopened box for your experiments in the bedroom. 

8. Leggings or tights 

make sex toys at home

There are more ways than one to wear this item of clothing. You don't even have to take them off when you get into act. Instead, how about using them to take the pleasure up a level?

Tie your partner's wrists or blindfold them with your silky tights to play a little teasing game. Experts suggest that when the sense of sight is not used, other senses like touch and smell take centre stage, making the act more sensual.  

Terri Vanderlinde, D.O., ob-gyn and sex educator in Dover, New Hampshire, tells the magazine. “It all comes down to being present, being mindful, and each partner being committed to pleasure — their own and their partner's." 

9. Chopsticks 

make sex toys at home

Perhaps you can save a few chopsticks for use in the bedroom. How, you wonder? Well, Airs suggests that they can easily be used as clamps.

“Chopsticks can be squeezed together with a small rubber band at the ends to create easy-to-use nipple clamps or to squeeze the outer labia together,” she says. 

Not just that. "If you want a quick, pinching sensation, a snap of a rubber band will certainly make one jump to attention,” she adds. Just make sure your partner is on-board with this experimentation, and doesn't really have any issue with how you make sex toys at home or how you use them.  


Source: Women's Health

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