Top science magazines for kids in Singapore

Top science magazines for kids in Singapore

Does your child show a keen interest in science? If they are passionate about expanding their knowledge in the subject, why not subscribe to science magazines? Join us as we take a closer look at our list of top magazines in Singapore published for kids interested in science!

science magazines for kids

Find out which science magazines for kids made it to our top list!

Being a budding science hub, Singapore has also gotten into the act of publishing their very own magazines dedicated especially to the wonders of science. Here are some science magazines for kids you can pick up to imbue the values of science to your child:

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The Singapore Scientist

The first Science magazine for kids on our list is the Singapore Scientist. Published in conjunction with the Singapore Science Centre three times a year, the Singapore Scientist is widely read by teachers, students and individuals with an interest in science and technology, both in Singapore and abroad. It is catered with the student in mind and includes a special section with experiments, quizzes, computer-related articles and short stories. The best part is that the info presented in the magazine is complementary to science lessons in school making them the science magazine of choice for students and teachers.

Cost: S$5.00/magazine

Where to purchase: 
Copies of this science magazine for kids can be purchased at the Science Centre’s Curiosity Shop or we recommend that you get a yearly subscription for your child.

science magazines for kids

Reading is the key to all education even if it has to do with something so hands-on like science

Science Adventures

Science Adventures might not be a magazine but it still has a chock full of science trivia in between comic illustrations. The people behind the comic/magazine have set out to create a wonderful mix of storytelling, eye-grabbing graphics and kid-friendly science contests. The concept of having a magazine in the format of a comic is great for young learners as it helps them grasp scientific concepts faster and more effectively.

Cost: S$55.00 per level (there are four levels of books)

Where to purchase: The magazines can be purchased at all Popular Bookstore outlets islandwide.

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National Geographic Young Explorer and Explorer

Although these science magazines for kids aren’t home-grown, they have become a favourite amongst families eager to pick up and learn more about all things science. After all the National Geographic brand is famous for its focus on nature and our environment, which are key concepts being discussed in primary school science.

Cost: USD$1.25/copy

Where to purchase: You can subscribe to the National Geographic Explorer and Young Explorer magazines online or head to any good bookshops such as Kinokuniya to get a copy.

What did you think of our list of top science magazines for kids? Do you have any recommendations on science magazines for kids? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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Wafa Marican

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