Preparing your child for primary school science

Preparing your child for primary school science

While the subject of science is officially introduced during school in primary three, you don't have to hold back on preparing your child with some basic scientific concepts. Find out how to get your child started on primary school science with these tips!

primary school science

Find out how to get your child prepared for primary school science

Science, also known as the subject your child will be officially introduced to in primary three. Many parents and kids have anxiety about the subject, especially since the amount of concepts and facts that your child has to learn and remember over the next three years is quite massive. Most parents are at a loss as to when they should start preparing their child for science, or if there is even any need to. There is no harm in giving your child the heads up when it comes to school. We share some ways to prepare your children for primary school science.

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The fact is, the school syllabus is constantly changing and evolving, thus it is useful for you to understand what is expected of your child for the next three years in science. You can easily download the latest primary school sciencesyllabus from the SEAB (Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board) site. Once you are equipped with this knowledge, you will find it easier to navigate the waters of primary school sciencewith your child.

primary school science

Keep reading to find out ways to ease the transition for your child to primary school science

Science Centre

Singapore is home to one of the best places to introduce your child to the wonders of science — the Science Centre. Home to a myriad of permanent exhibits that showcase concepts such as forces, electricity and biodiversity, the Singapore Science Centre is truly an interactive classroom. When your child is in primary one or two, take them to the Science Centre with the main intention of introducing them to the concepts that will be learnt in the primary school sciencesyllabus. This could spark their interest in science and they would be more receptive to the subject when they finally take it in primary three.

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Hands on

Science is an interesting subject but your child can get overwhelmed by all the concepts and information that needs to be memorised for the exams. Get them prepared for the rigours of analytical thinking that science requires by recreating science experiments at home. On the weekends, have a special science hour with your child where you both embark on a science experiment, such as creating a circuit or creating a fulcrum.

Did these tips on getting your child prepared for primary school sciencehelp? Do you have any more tips on how to get kids ready and excited about primary school science? We’d love to hear from you!

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