SCDF awards for kids who helped rescue boy trapped under car

SCDF awards for kids who helped rescue boy trapped under car

Well done and well-deserved!

Four secondary school kids were commended for their bravery by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) on Tuesday (January 23), when they were presented with SCDF awards. 

SCDF Awards for these kids' brave act

So what exactly was these students' act of bravery? They helped rescue a nine-year-old boy who got trapped under a car last week.  

Twelve-year-old Branson Ong is a Secondary 1 student at Maris Stella High School. He is one of the kids who got SCDF awards. 

He was walking with his three friends in Geylang, when they saw the boy caught under the front wheels of a car, at Geylang East Avenue 1. The boy's schoolbag was also trapped by the car's wheels. 

Branson says, “We were walking to the MRT station after lunch when we saw a large group of people crowding around a car. As we got nearer, we saw a hand sticking out from under the car, and heard someone crying and screaming in pain.”

The quick-thinking schoolkid, along with his friends Jose Alexander and Lin Yu Jie, sprang into action to help some adults who were trying to lift the car. The fourth friend, Megan Seow, called for an ambulance, according to reports. 

Megan explains, “An auntie passed me her phone, asked if I knew the boy’s parents and to call them if I did. I said I didn’t know his parents but I could call for an ambulance.” 

With the efforts of at least 10 people, the boy was released from under the car and taken to KK Women's and Children's Hospital. 

“I was worried for the boy as he was losing a lot of blood,” said Jose. “But I am happy now that he is recovering. (He is) still in hospital and he is alright.”

SCDF Awards recognition

The three boys were presented with the Singapore Civil Defence Force’s Community Lifesaver Award, and Megan was given with the Community First Responder Award, according to CNA. 

SCDF awards (previously known as Public Spiritedness Award) are given to members of the public "whose actions have saved lives or property."

A big pat on the back to these young ones from us at theAsianparent! The world surely needs more civic-minded youngsters like them. We are sure their parents must be extremely proud of them - we sure are!

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Source: Channel NewsAsia, Featured image: Screengrab, Channel NewsAsia

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