Car safety rules: Why no parent should ignore

Car safety rules: Why no parent should ignore

Proper car safety rules may have prevented the loss of a mum's child. Follow these guidelines and keep your children safe.

Meghan Felker was exposed to the hazards of kid car safety in the worst way possible.

Kidspot reported that she received a phone call telling her that her two oldest children, Maddy and Eli, were in a car accident with their father. Maddy was transported to the hospital via ambulance and stayed overnight for observation.

Eli was not as lucky.

Not wishing for other parents to experience the same tragedy, Meghan has shared a message hoping that parents will take note of car safety for their kids.

Here are some important pointers to note for car safety:

  • A restraint if placed properly greatly reduces the chances of your child getting a serious injury in a crash.
  • Choose a proper restraint for your child; a restraint meant for a larger child increases the risk of a serious injury.
  • When required, use the top tether strap for your child.
  • When your child is on a booster, ensure the seat belt is properly fitted over the child’s shoulder.
  • Only when your child does not fit a backward-facing restraint do you change to a forward-facing restraint.
  • Likewise with a booster seat, only change to one when your child does not fit into a forward-facing restraint.
  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Check the sun-shade flap for a label before placing a restraint in the front seat, due to the position of airbags in certain cars
  • Ensure the restraint is properly installed. Get professional assistance when in doubt.

Parents, we urge you to take note of Singapore's rules on car seats for children.

We at theAsianparent send our condolences for Eli and all the strength the family needs at this time.

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Tay Siew Ming

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