Rub My Ducky - Toys for you, not the kids

Rub My Ducky - Toys for you, not the kids

Mommas and poppas, the silent sirens in each of you can come out to play, and we’re recommending the toys. Gotten the memo? Playthings are not limited to the little kids...

Sex toys in Singapore

sex toys in Singapore

We’re not talking about your kid’s bunny and rabbit soft toys, but we are hinting at a different kind of bunny and rabbit. We are talking about sex toys in Singapore.

If you’re blushing already, you really shouldn’t. We’re just talking about sex, and the toys that can make it fun. Get kinky this Valentine's!

The Durex Global Sex Survey found that Singaporeans are amongst the least sexually active, together with countries like India and Indonesia. While hectic lifestyles are often cited as reasons failing to have sex more often, it can also be the result of monotony some say.


High level of tiredness

“My husband and I used to have sex a lot more often when we first got married. But then the kids came along and it’s just harder, and we’re tired after a day of working and caring for our two sons. Sex was no longer a priority,” says Alicia Lim, aged 30 and married for five years. Note the past tense? Some things have changed and for the better. Locate and identify the best suited sex toys in Singapore.

A year ago, a friend recommended she set aside a night a week to play sex games with her husband. Wary at first, she declined but later decided more sex is better than no sex (good decision, Alicia). She visited some sex shops and found some simple toys that really got each other in the mood. “It was novel and new. We were both very excited and it has been good fun ever since. How many toys do I have now? Oh it’s still a small collection. Maybe five to eight, purchased over a year? I recommend every couple to try them out. It’s fun!”

 Yes, toys are meant to be fun and pleasurable. But sex toys need not be all about dildos and other penetrative objects. There are board games where you and your partner engage in erotic pleasures never before imagined. These toys give you ideas and get you in the mood for some naughty (or nice) lovemaking. Sex toys don’t have to be dirty unless you want them to be.

Mostly they just offer a little surprise between the sheets, and allow you to indulge in fantasies. So you’ve decided to purchase one of these toys, but walking into a sex shop proves unnerving. The solution? Online shopping.

There are many couples who seek out these sites for the sheer convenience, according to sales executive Mabel Chan from


“The availability of these products online has changed perceptions of Singaporeans who wanted to try them but cannot muster the courage to enter a sex shop. Our orders are wrapped discreetly and this makes purchasing online more attractive. The internet has also helped propel sex toy sales – information is readily available from online chat rooms, toy shops and articles.”

She adds that these toys are very useful for married couple who want to “spice things up” and make a “lovemaking session” more adventurous. Convinced you enough?

Here are some of the most popular toys from various online sex stores. Now grab your sex toys in Singapore, today!

Top Toys

Answer intimate questions and partake in amorous activities. The person who wins gets to redeem coupons for sexual favours – everyone wins in this game. Click Here For Hearts Are Wild

Live out fantasies because this is bound to be a whole load of fun. Click Here For The Fetish Fantasy Silk Rope Set

Bullet vibrators can be the way to the big O with or without a partner. Click Here For The Bullet Vibrator

Dolphin-shaped vibrator is specifically designed to hit that G-spot for intense pleasure. Click Here For The Dolphin-Shaped Vibrator

If you like words and wordplay, this is the game for you. Use euphemisms and make nasty words nice, and nice words nasty. Click Here For Wordplay Games

Sometimes the best games are the simplest ones. Throw these dice and your partner will perform sexual acts. How lucky will you be? Click Here For Dirty Tricks Dice

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Roshni Mahtani

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