Prince William and Kate Middleton confirm the EDD for their third pregnancy

Prince William and Kate Middleton confirm the EDD for their third pregnancy

And we can expect a new addition to the Royal family early next year!

A couple of days back, the official Twitter handle for the Kensington Palace announced the expected date of delivery for the much awaited new royalty. And it is going to be somewhere in next April. Till then, Kate Middleton and William have their plates full with Royal duties! 

The Duchess of Cambridge had to announce her pregnancy earlier than usual. Customs dictate that a pregnancy is not announced before 12 weeks. However, Kate was suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum and could not keep up with the royal engagements. And so, the pregnancy was declared earlier than usual. And apparently (and thankfully), she is feeling better as we witnessed her enjoying an impromptu dance with none other than the Paddington bear!

Kate Middleton's dance with the Paddington Bear

Prince William and Prince Harry are involved in various charities. And in 2006, they consolidated these to manage them better, creating the Charities forum. After the marriage, even Kate Middleton's charities were aligned with this. And on 16 October, the trio headed over to meet a few children supported by these charities.

The children were having a hard time in their life. The charities are helping them have a normal childhood. And, just to make their day, the Royal trio went on a rail trip with them in the English countryside. Their next destination was London Paddington station, one of the biggest train stations in the UK. There, they met the cast of the upcoming movie Paddington 2. 

As Prince William, Prince Harry, and Kate Middleton were standing on the platform, the Paddington bear appeared! And he shook hands with the royalty and asked Kate for a dance. And being a good sport, she went along! It was a joy to see her enjoy after a tough first trimester. 

Watch them dance here.

The road ahead

I wish they could enjoy their pregnancy like any other normal couple. However, uneasy lies the head that wears a crown. So, the couple is keeping busy, with a full calendar of state visits and events. They would be visiting Norway and Sweden on an offical visit. I hope they would be able to steal a babymoon there, considering it might be her late second trimester!

And if you are expecting a baby around April as well, you should start planning your babymoon too! And if this is your first baby, you need to be aware of these things

  1. Do not fly for long. Plan a vacation nearby instead of going to London!
  2. If you do fly, wear compression stockings. We picked some up at the Guardian at Changi. Measure the size of your leg before buying as this is really important. 
  3. Before going anywhere, check with your doctor if you are okay to travel.
  4. Check for the medical facilities at your destination
  5. Don't pack the day with activities. Just take it slow from now on
  6. Pre-book meals on the flight. You never know what might just trigger a nausea
  7. No matter how you travel, stretch your legs every couple of hours, and drink ample water.
  8. Enjoy the peace and solitude before the 'storm' arrives!

(Image: Screengrab from Twitter)

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Anay Bhalerao

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