17 Royal baby traditions that Meghan Markle might have to follow

17 Royal baby traditions that Meghan Markle might have to follow

Here are a few Royal baby traditions that Meghan Markle might have to follow now that she's pregnant. Do you find them strange?

Another royal baby is on the way! Meghan and Harry’s baby announcement has been met with much excitement. With this pregnancy announcement there’s also a lot of buzz about the rules Meghan will have to follow now that she’s expecting a (Royal) baby. O yes, the Royal family follows some very interesting traditions and customs. Here are 17 royal baby traditions that you were probably unaware of!

Quirky Royal Baby Traditions During Pregnancy

#1 No baby shower.

In the U.S. where Meghan is from, it is common custom for expecting mums to have a baby shower. Friends and family turn up, and shower the mummy with baby gifts. 

The Royal family though, does not follow this custom.

royal baby traditions


#2 No travelling (at all) during pregnancy

This rule is quite interesting given that Meghan and Harry’s pregnancy announcement came when the couple were on their royal tour to Sydney.

It remains to be seen whether Meghan will break tradition and continue travelling during her pregnancy!

#3 The sex of the baby won’t be revealed

Traditionally, the Royal family doesn’t reveal the sex of the baby until it’s born.

Kate and William followed this tradition for all three of their children. Will Meghan and Harry break protocol?

#4 Maternity team and plenty of help

If Kate’s pregnancy is anything to go by, Meghan is expected to have an army of helpers throughout her pregnancy.

Kate Middleton had a maternity team consisting of two obstetricians, three midwives, three anesthesiologists, four surgical staff members, two special care staffers, four pediatricians, one lab technician for blood tests, and three or four managers.

The team would meet up once a month to discuss the pregnancy. They were also banned from drinking alcohol during the period.

Royal Baby Traditions after childbirth

17 Royal baby traditions that Meghan Markle might have to follow

1# The Queen should be the first to know about the birth of a baby outside the delivery room (And not Meghan’s mummy). And she dresses up in blue or pink while visiting the baby, depending on the gender.

2# Royal babies are not christened several days to up to weeks after they are born!

3# Nannies of the royal family are super nannies. They are fluent in European languages and are taught defensive driving, martial arts, in case they have to protect the baby from potential kidnappers.

4# Until recently, queens and princesses gave birth at home, and not the hospital

Lady Diana was the first to change the trend by delivering her children at St Mary’s hospital.

5# And until recently, fathers were not allowed in the delivery room! 

6# Breastfeeding was not quite popular till allegedly Queen Elizabeth changed the norms.

Queen Victoria found the idea of breastfeeding repellent, considering it the ‘ruin’ of intellectual and refined young ladies, according to The Telegraph.

7# Royal children require no last names. They are known by the region that they ‘rule’. 

8# Even royal babies need to be registered for their birth like any other family within 42 days!

Royal baby traditions

9# The announcement of the birth is displayed on an easel outside the Buckingham Palace, signed by the doctor who delivered the baby.

Prince William and Kate Middleton broke this tradition by announcing the birth of their children on social media! Talk about being in sync with the generation!

10# Prince William got an unpaid paternity leave from the Royal Airforce for the birth of his son! That’s progressive!

11# Prince William was the first royal baby to use a disposable diaper. Up until then, the royal babies used traditional cloth nappies! 

royal baby traditions


12# The christening gown used for royal babies is a replica of the one used in 1841, during the reign of Queen Victoria.

And guess what, the current gown has been used by 62 royal babies! 

13# Bedtime is strict for royal babies.

Though, an exception was made when Prince George stayed up late to meet former US President Obama in 2016!

Aren’t these Royal baby traditions amusing? We can only imagine how difficult it must be to live in today’s open world and still stick to these customs and traditions. We wish this couple a smooth pregnancy and a healthy bouncy baby!

Source: MSN, Metro

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