Rock 'N Learn: kids' app making phonics easier

Rock 'N Learn: kids' app making phonics easier

Learning to read can be one of the most challenging things a child will do. Unless, they've been introduced to the world of kids' apps! If you're looking for help to get your kids started on phonics, read more to find out about Rock 'N Learn!

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Check out how to Rock ‘N Learn at the same time!

To make learning a fun process for a child can prove to be quite the challenge for a parent, who is trying to make a go at it all alone. But, it’s definitely not something that a parent should completely write off. There are countless learning tools available now at the snap of a finger at any time of the day.  So, if you’re one of those parents, who worry about their child’s future when it comes to education, then relax!  Learning apps have made life so much easier for both the parent and child. If anything, learning has become as fun as rock ‘n’ roll!

Rocking it ‘n’ learning it

The kids’ app, Rock ‘N Learn, is a hit among kids today. It helps your child to practise reading simple and short stories, which consist of short vowels, consonant, words, common word endings, and words ending with plurals. These exercises will provide your child with a good foundation in sentence formation and eventually help your child to write short essays on his/her own. It will certainly be a delight for you and your child to showcase these skills proudly when the occasion presents itself. And who knows, maybe he/she will be the next Edgar Allen Poe!

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The design

The innovative style used in approaching the subject of learning to read is easy and exciting. The app is designed to build in a complex style of logical sequences based on phonic rules. Using this methodology, your child will be able to progress in stages according to his/her own ability, without the pressure of having to keep to any pre-existing expectations.

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Rock ‘N Learn has two modes that will help kids to learn reading in whichever way they prefer. A learner can choose one of the two options: ‘read me’ or ‘let me try,’ which means the app will either read aloud or let the learner take a shot at it. Another really neat feature is that the app repeats itself when you simply touch the word. This can be especially great if you didn’t hear the word in the first go. This feature in the kids’ app will provide your child with the appropriate pronunciation, which will ensure that they never pronounce it wrong again. Kids seem to love this particular function, and you may find your child quite entranced with this beneficial tool too.

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Check out what this kids’ app looks like!


When it comes to the question of cost, there is another important benefit to note. Your child will be able to use your iPad or iPhone to access this kids’ app, thus relieving you of the need to get them their own gadgets. Did we forget to mention that as impactful as this kids’ app will be for your little one, this very app can also help your older child, who may be struggling with reading. At reasonable competitive prices, this kids’ app can be considered a good bargain to have. Rock ‘n Learn is available at less than S$3, and is well worth the price tag.

Take a leap and try out this app, you won’t be risking much. However, in the end, you may gain a lot more with a little bit of Rock ‘N Learn! Share your thoughts and feelings about this kids’ app with us. Would you buy this for your children?

Here’s a sneak peek of what Rock ‘N Learn has to offer:

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