Kids Learn to Read: android app for phonics

Kids Learn to Read: android app for phonics

It’s ironic how just a few years ago, we couldn’t imagine a life without holding a book in our hands. And now, children can use apps like 'Kids Learn to Read' to move forward with phonics! See more to find out what this app has to offer you!

Kids Learn to Read: reading app

Kids Learn to Read, a reading app for kids, is designed to help your children sight words

Today many parents are quite happy to encourage their children to read through interactive methods that don’t necessarily require conventional things, such as books. The iPods, iPads, tablets and phones can all provide the same educational means to your child as any book, but in a more hip way.

Say goodbye to books

One new alternative to books that provides similar or even better results is the Kids Learn to Read app. This android app gives your child the freedom to understand the concept of reading through creating phonemic awareness. Phonemic awareness is a very important factor for the youth, because it helps them to become better listeners and improve the ability to identify and manipulate phonemes, the smallest unit of sound.

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Tommy the Turtle

In Kids Learn to Read, Tommy the Turtle will become your child’s new best friend in no time, as he tries to get across the ‘letter bridge’ with your child’s help when he/she pronounces words correctly.  He is able to cross the bridge faster as the kids get more comfortable with sounds. With Kids Learn to Read, your child will be thrilled to touch and move his/her fingers along a word that appears on the screen as they sound it out. The sounds emitted in this app are rhythmic to help further promote phonemic comprehension.

Reading  app for kids

In Kids Learn to Read app, you will find a suitable level for your child (regardless of age) that is sure to encourage and help him/her read comfortably at a pace that is just perfect. Due to the exciting way reading apps for kids are designed these days, your child will be glued to the screen for hours leaving you enough time to catch up on your errands. This app also includes a feature that tracks your child’s progress thus eliminating the need for you to be present every time your child decides to have a go at reading.

Preview of Kids Learn to Read app

Sneak peek of Kids Learn to Read app

A new style of teaching

Parents who have taken the time to use this as a resource are happy to note that their child’s reading level is beyond his/her age group. This is mainly because the phonics style used in this reading app for kids is designed to be fun and entertaining while still concentrating on being a good teaching tool. Children don’t have to sit in the library for hours any more to get the concept of reading down.

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Is it worth the money?

You would think that apps like Reading for Kids would not be affordable at all, but in fact, they are cheaper than most mediums you might have used in the past to challenge your child. At less than S$5, your child will have the ability to blend letter sounds into words. This tool is especially useful for children who have problems with their reading skills and are struggling to keep up with their age group requirements. By using this popular reading app for kids, you will help your child to learn how to read and gain confidence as he/she progresses without having to deal with the scrutinizing eyes of others.

Share your experiences if you’ve used this reading app for kids to help your children reach the next level of understanding words.

Check out a sneak peek of what’s inside this app:

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