Top 6 Singaporean apps for iPhones!

Top 6 Singaporean apps for iPhones!

Designed to entertain as well as to simplify our lives, iPhone apps are here to stay. has compiled a list of the best apps for Singaporeans as created by Singaporeans.

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Top 6 iPhone Application in Singapore

We have a sneaking suspicion that if we were to hand Alexander Graham Bell an iPhone and tell him that what he is holding in his hand is the great, great, great offspring of his invention…he would probably stare at us, question our sanity and then go on for a pint at the pub down the corner.

Truth of the matter is that; the mobile phone, the smartphone and every other hybrid has come a long, long, loooong way, baby—since the original telephone invented by Bell in 1876. If you were to ask a kid: what is the main function of a phone?

Chances are, the kid’s answer would be — for apps. Of course!

The kid wouldn’t be wrong though, these days, people are using the phone mainly to text, email, play games and waste an incredible amount of their time in general. Such is the gift of the smartphone, in particular, the iPhone.

Age of the smartphone

It shouldn’t come as surprise then that the first thing that people do when they buy the iPhone is to pack it with applications. According to Apple’s website, there are currently more than 425,000 apps in the iTunes Store, all ready to take your smartphone experience to the next level.

There is a huge market out there for apps that could entertain and simplify our lives and we Singaporeans are all for hopping on the apps bandwagon too. The following is a compilation of the most helpful apps as created by Singaporeans, for Singaporeans.

Made in Singapore


The name does come across as slightly iffy but what it does is glorious in all ways possible. ‘Lobang’ roughly means ‘deals’ in Malay, and the Lobangclub app has a simple mission statement; to help Singaporeans find a good deal.

So, how does it work?

Supposed a mummy wants to purchase a $300 baby car seat from a department store but before she does, she would use the app to scan the barcode on the product packaging. The app will then bring up a list of different prices from various locations, and perhaps the mummy in question might find a cheaper price for the baby car seat somewhere else…in the store next door, perhaps?

As consumers and as parents with kids to raise ourselves, we are for anything and everything that could help us in the financial department. When asked if they intend to share this glorious invention with the rest of the world, inventor Guyi Shen replied; “Yes, we fully intend to go global with this app, we just need to raise the funding necessary to do so.”

Sharing is caring, afterall.

Summon Auntie

Driving is a lot of fun, but searching for a parking spot on our tiny island…is not as fun. Who here can honestly say that they have never been guilty of not paying the parking ticket –accidently-on-purpose?…Only to come back to their car with that dreaded piece of paper wedged under the wiper?

Enter: “Summon Auntie”, the app that bets on our unselfish nature to spread the word on the locations of parking wardens making parking summons a relic of the past, never to be spoken of again.

Here’s how it works: when you park your car, fire up the app and tap on the “Park” button. The app will lock in your vehicle’s location through your iPhone’s GPS. When you see a parking warden in an area, quickly tap on the “Alert” button. Your phone will then send an alert to all the drivers who have “Parked” their vehicles within 200m of your current location.

So download “Summon Auntie” today and lets all band together to fight our common foe; the parking warden!


This one is for the expats…or for those who were raised in a household where proper English is spoken at all times…Really, got meh?

If you find yourself having the need to bulk up your Singlish vocabulary, this free iPhone app is a must-have. Featuring more than 80 Singlish phrases under eight categories, there’s a right Singlish phrase for every occasion. For those who are Singlish-challenged, all words and phrases come with definitions.

If you’re unsure about the pronunciation of a certain expression, the app plays it out loud for you in thick Singlish accent. That’s bound to draw a few giggles or weird looks, depending on whether you’re with your friends or on a crowded public bus either way we highly recommend you download this app and enjoy hours of Singlish fun that comes with it.

Saviour comes in the form of for the directionally challenge. The app contains a complete listing of all kinds of amenities that a user might search for, such as bus stops with bus services, convenience stores, supermarkets, ATMs, cinemas, and even wet markets! automatically detects your location when you fire up the app and shows you nearby amenities. What’s more, you can simply tap on almost any feature on the map…say, a building and a pop-up window displays information on that building.

If that is not the very definition of genius, than we don’t know what is!


For the frequent flying mummies among our readers, iChangi is a must have. iChangi turns looking up flight info  from a hassle into a breeze.

Enter a flight number once, and the app will push live updates to your phone automatically. There’s also a handy search function for those forgetful mummies who can never remember their flight number. Whether your flight has been delayed or your loved-one’s flight has just landed, iChangi will make sure you’re the first to know about it.

Oh wait, but there’s more; the app is more than just a flight reference. It lets you browse a catalogue of Changi Airport’s shopping, dining, and services, including any latest promotions and events.

Add duty free into the mix, and shopping at the airport has never been better.

Nod off on a train after a long day’s work and you might wake up alone and confused in Buangkok. Have this nifty app running while you ride the train, though, and chances are you won’t miss your stop.

Set your current station and destination and the alarm will buzz just before your stop. If you need to change trains, your iPhone will automatically ring a minute before the interchange station, a particularly helpful feature as more MRT stations are added to the system.

This way, you will always get home on time for dinner with the kids and your beloved husband!

Are there any other cool apps created by Singaporeans for Singaporeans that we might have missed out on? Let us know in the comment section.


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5 Useful Singapore iPhone apps

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