8 Super rich kids of Singapore who seem to have it all!

8 Super rich kids of Singapore who seem to have it all!

These 'rich kids of Singapore' also have a sizeable following of their own, and are counted among Singapore's top influencers.

They love their branded goods, fast cars and exotic vacations. And have super rich parents. Yes, these are the rich kids of Singapore.

But make no mistake, these ‘rich kids of Singapore’ also have a sizeable following of their own, and are counted among Singapore’s top influencers.

Without further ado, let’s check out who makes it to the list of ‘super rich kids of Singapore’

Rich kids of Singapore:

Kim Lim

Kim Lim is the daughter of Singaporean tycoon billionaire Peter Lim, who recently bought over Valencia Football Club is also the owner of Hong Kong-based Mint Media.

rich kids of Singapore


Kim is a prominent public figure herself, and has more than 196,000 followers on Instagram where she flaunts her wardrobe of expensive branded dresses and world wide connections, with the likes of Football Mega Stars David Beckham and Christiano Ronaldo and K POP Star Lee Seung Ri. 

This former SIM business management student is also involved in charity work.

Recently she made news when she gave birth to a baby boy, and Christiano Ronaldo dropped by to visit her! Kim Lim is expected to get married in October 2018.

Mae Tan

The daughter of a wealthy Singaporean businessman father and housewife mother, Mae Tan also happens to be one of Singapore’s top bloggers and influencers, and currently has over 69.5 k followers on Instagram.

rich kids of Singapore


Tan is also described as the goddaughter of famous actor Jackie Chan.

Mae is well known for fashionably mixing cheap and affordable clothing with expensive branded apparels.

Ming Jun Kuok

You probably know him better as a finalist in the third season of Singapore Idol. But Ming Jun Kuok is also the grandson of Malaysian billionaire Robert Kuok.

rich kids of Singapore


Kuok has majored in communications and digital media studies at Stanford University, and even founded a start-up, until he realised that all he really wanted to do was make music.

He released his first EDM single, “Into the Wild” in 2016.

Arissa Cheo

rich kids of Singapore


Singaporean socialite turned online entrepreneur, and former wife of mandopop singer, Vanness Wu, Arissa Cheo is considered one of Singapore Instagram’s IT girls, with a following of 348 k followers!

This fashionista recently made inroads into the fashion world with her own ready-to-wear line called Arissa X Collection No. 1

Kane Lim

Kane Lim is son of a Singaporean family with billion-dollar business. 

rich kids of Singapore


This fashion-major undergraduate at a California university apparently started his first business at age 17, raking in his first million at 20.

Kane Lim is also known for his obsession with shoes and reportedly owns over 200 pairs of branded shoes!

Even pop star Rihanna is one of his followers!

Calista Cuaca

Having a famous mum certainly has its perks, and Calista Cuaca, daughter of Jamie Chua, already has 122k followers on Instagram! Like mummy, Calista is a regular at most high profile media events these days.

rich kids of Singapore

PHOTO: INSTAGRAM / xcalikins

She faces stiff competition from mummy Jamie though, who has a whopping 492 k followers on Instagram! For those who didn’t know, Jamie Chua rose in popularity when she asked for a $330,000 a month in alimony when she divorced her millionaire husband, Indonesian tycoon Nurdian Cuaca.

Audrey Tay

Audrey Tay is the daughter of SUTL group of companies’ executive director, Peter Tay.

rich kids of Singapore


This heiress made it to the news when she got a customised Bentley Continental GT in hot pink for her 18th birthday and a white Porsche Turbo for her 20th birthday!

She also has in her possession, more than 80 designer bags from brands like Dior, Hermes, Givenchy, Chanel and Saint Laurent and shoes ranging from Christian Louboutin stilettos to Chanel slippers. 

Dhillon Lee

rich kids of Singapore


He may be super young but is already considered a top influencer in Singapore. Dhillon Lee is the son of a Singaporean multi-millionaire, and his Instagram feed is filled with pictures of his skydiving, scuba diving, and luxury car adventures.


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