10 Singaporean celebrities whose kids had stolen our hearts

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From soccer heart throbs to commercial sweethearts, these kids prove they're just like their celebrity mums and dads

Like celebrity, like kid. Singaporean celebrities are known to shower their kids with love and attention, either through social media or the small screens.

Here is our list of celebrity kids in Singapore, some of which are already gaining a substantial fanbase!

1. Nurul Aini 

10 Singaporean celebrities whose kids had stolen our hearts

Image credit: Nurul Aini's Instagram

Brother-sister duo Shaeista and Shan has been stealing the hearts of many, and we're not even exaggerating! With their striking good looks and adorable antics, we can't see why anybody wouldn't go "aww" everytime they uttered a word. Fans would ask for their photographs in public – yes them – not so much their (equally stunning) parents, Nurul Aini and Sofian Roslan!

The two siblings aged 4 and 6 and already modelling for mummy's clothing line, as seen on Nurul Aini's Instagram account. But let's not forget that mummy's not doing too bad herself, by still looking beautiful after 2 kids and juggling acting, businesses and family. 

2. Fandi Ahmad

10 Singaporean celebrities whose kids had stolen our hearts

Image credit: Ikhsan Fandi's Instagram

This family is dubbed as Singapore's very own version of the Beckham Family. Soccer legend Fandi Ahmad's and wife Wendy Jacobs are truly blessed with 5 beautiful kids, all of which happened to take after them perfectly.

Their two eldest sons, Irfan and Ikhsan have recently enlisted into National Service, and are both players of local soccer team; Home United. Only daughter Iman is following mummy's footsteps into the modelling industry, especially after winning the 2014 New Paper New Face Competition. The two youngest sons, Ilhan and Iryan are also following the soccer route, as seen on their social media accounts.

Now, don't we all want to bend it like Fandi?

3. Huda Ali & Den Sabari

10 Singaporean celebrities whose kids had stolen our hearts

Image credit: Huda Ali's Instagram

Fun fact: Huda Ali's clothing line; Laloolalang, was named after her daughter, Qaseh, who made a casual remark which led to Mummy choosing that as the name of the company! Another fun fact: Qaseh, derived from the malay word Kasih, also translates to care.

Qaseh can also be seen taking after both of her parents' good looks, although looking more like daddy and actor Den Sabari. Huda Ali is also a very good friend of fellow actress and host Nurul Aini and their families can often be seen spending time together through their Instagram accounts.

4. Fann Wong & Christopher Lee

10 Singaporean celebrities whose kids had stolen our hearts

Image credit: Fann Wong's Instagram

Probably one that needs no introduction, Zed Lee has been the talk of the town even before he had seen the world! With top stars as parents, you can't blame him for being spoilt with branded clothes and attention from almost everyone in the industry.

The family can also be seen being really close-knitted, from Fann Wong's and Christopher Lee's Instagram accounts. It wouldn't be long until we see Zed in the small screens following mummy and daddy's footsteps, hopefully!

5. Norfasarie & Baihakki Khaizan

10 Singaporean celebrities whose kids had stolen our hearts

Image credit: Norfasarie's Instagram

Norfasarie married husband and national goal keeper Baihakki Khaizan and together they have three kids – with little Muaz being born just last month! Little Moza was born with her right arm only being developed up until her elbow since birth. Despite the challenges, her parents still chose to remain positive and believe that every cloud has a silver lining.

The Suria actress currently owns a spa business; SPA by Norfasarie. She and Baihakki can also be seen spending lots of time with their kids through their Instagram accounts.

6. Jamie Yeo

10 Singaporean celebrities whose kids had stolen our hearts

Image credit: Jamie Yeo's Instagram

Jamie Yeo is known for being one of Mediacorp's sweethearts in the early 2000s. However, she stayed away from the limelight after her divorce with ex-husband Glenn Ong. She was then remarried to Thorsten Nolte, and had beautiful Alysia, who is now 5 years old!

Although the pair is no longer together, Jamie never fails to bring up her daughter on her radio show on Gold 90fm, proving that she's capable of providing for Alysia, single-handedly. Alysia also takes after her mum's photogenic good looks, as seen from Jamie's Instagram.

7. Vivian Lai

10 Singaporean celebrities whose kids had stolen our hearts

Image credit: Vivian Lai's Instagram

Vivian Lai's daughters were already under the limelight since they were 2, through advertorials and commercials. They're known to take after their mother's adorable personality which captured the hearts of viewers.

Vivian won the 2014 Star Awards All-Time Favourite Artist Award and is currently mandarin host on Channel U and Channel 8, and never fails to mention her daughters and husband on TV.

8. Xiaxue

10 Singaporean celebrities whose kids had stolen our hearts

Image credit: Xiaxue's Instagram

Little Dash just turned 3 last March, oh how time flies! It felt like just yesterday he was going viral on the internet after mummy Xiaxue posted the first photo of him on Instagram. Since then, Dashiel had gained his own following through his cute pictures and video appearances on Xiaxue's segment of the Clicknetwork channel.

9. Fadhlur Rahman

10 Singaporean celebrities whose kids had stolen our hearts

Image credit: Fadhlur Rahman's Instagram

Fadhlur Rahman and wife Nur'ashikin recently welcomed their second baby girl last February and the family couldn't be more elated. Fadhlur is known for his acting in Suria and is also business partners with Nurul Aini. They both co-own a cafe in Toa Payoh, together with fellow celebrity Khairuldin Samsudin.

In his Instagram account, Fadhlur can be seen being a doting father and husband, with his consistent posting of pictures and videos with both of his daughters and wife.

10. Zheng Ge Ping & Hong Huifang

10 Singaporean celebrities whose kids had stolen our hearts

Image credit: Tay Ying's Instagram

Tay Ying, the daughter of actor Zheng Ge Ping and actress Hong Hui Fang was actually mistaken for being her father's mistress on Christmas 2012! Well, standing at 1.71m with striking good looks, we can't really blame anyone for that mishap.

Tay Ying currently has a Youtube channel where she posts beauty videos and is also really active in dance, as seen on her Instagram. She has also mentioned that she wasn't interested in the acting industry, much to the public's surprise!

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Aisyah Amin