PSLE Scores Revealed By Top Singaporean Entrepreneurs

PSLE Scores Revealed By Top Singaporean Entrepreneurs

Does PSLE decide the future of your child? Guess how much these successful Singaporean entrepreneurs scored in their PSLE's!

So, the PSLE results are out! Looks like it has affected parents more than the kids. We caught the founder of a famous parenting forum cribbing on TODAYonline about how she was disappointed with her son's score of 229.

Which brings us to the very pertinent question, "How much should a Singaporean child score in his PSLE, in order to keep his parents happy?" and, "Is the PSLE really the be-all and end-all for a child in Singapore?"

Associate Professsor Khairudin AlJunied recently set the ball rolling when he revealed his own PSLE score of 221 on Facebook, and requested everyone to reveal theirs, in the hope that it would motivate children to think beyond one examination, when it came to their future.


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We decided to ask some homegrown Singaporean entrepreneurs, on how well they performed in their PSLE's. Here is our fun, interactive, "Guess their PSLE" game, click on each image to find out the PSLE score; you are sure to be surprised!


Well, what do you think? Looks like PSLE is not the end of the world then! Maybe we should all relax a bit. And learn to Live. Laugh. Love.

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