Local Personalities Reveal Their PSLE Scores

Local Personalities Reveal Their PSLE Scores

PSLE is only the first milestone in a Singaporean child's course of education. The result of a single exam does not determine their whole future, as proven by these four success stories.

When it comes to Singapore's education system, we can't deny the high standards that are being set—whether by society or parents themselves. With that, many kids, and their parents feel a lot of pressure to not only do well, but also to achieve outstanding results. It's more than just being kiasu, and parents will do what it takes to best prepare their child for PSLE: from hiring private tutors, putting incentives to putting punishment systems in place and resorting to aromatherapy.

For some parents, the matter of fact is that grades do matter, regardless of the amount of effort put in. It might even feel like the end of the world for you and/or your child if your child's PSLE results were not what you expected. However, in the grander scheme of things, know that your child is not defined by his/her PSLE score.

And if someone has to say about it, just take a look at the PSLE scores of these successful individuals from Singapore—prime examples that those three little numbers don't define you and your success in life. 

PSLE Scores of Singaporean Celebrities in Singapore

According to a report by the Straits Times, five Singaporean parents previously launched a movement, called Life Beyond Grades

Founded by Ms Tjin Lee, Ms Charmaine Seah, Mr Derek Ong, Ms Aarika Lee and Ms Dolores Au, this initiative was kickstarted in hopes to motivate the idea that there is life beyond the "relentless pursuit of their children’s grades".

We take a look at these inspirational figures that are featured by Life Beyond Grades who also reveal their PSLE aggregate scores. 

Andie Chen, Actor and Producer

Local Personalities Reveal Their PSLE Scores

PSLE Score: 219

"I remember hiding in my room crying for days and having my first round of depression after I got my PSLE results. 219... These 3 numbers etched that conclusion into my mind for years. Looking back, those numbers meant nothing. 

I want my kids' childhood to be free and happy. I want them to understand that success comes in many forms and it should not be determined by anyone but yourself."

Joakim Gomez with Sonia Chew; Host, Actor and DJ 

Local Personalities Reveal Their PSLE Scores

Joakim's PSLE Score: 197

"I’m not saying don’t study. I’m saying have the character to give whatever you do – whether studies or in life – your best. Character.

We have different paths in life. Discover it, and do not ever let your grades define you. If we judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree then it’s the thinking of the world that needs to change. Not you. :)"

Sonia's PSLE Score: 226

Daniel Ong, Entrepreneur

Local Personalities Reveal Their PSLE Scores

PSLE Score: 195

"Imagine if I let that number define who I was. The stigma of a bad grade, or if I just gave up and let life trample over me. Many parents in Singapore stress their children out over grades, sometimes to a point of depression for the young ones. 

We are all more than just a number. I’ve built multiple businesses and have had some success in life due to my curiosity, perseverance, never say die attitude and mostly.... learning from what life throws at me."

Carole Lin, Actress

Local Personalities Reveal Their PSLE Scores

PSLE Score: 235

"I sincerely want parents and society to understand that it's time to evolve. Shift our mindset and perception on capabilities and success. Every kid learns and thrives differently. 

I also hope we can tweak the education system to strive for more balance and alternatives that'll set our kids up for a future of a whole new paradigm."

Jamie Yeo 

Local Personalities Reveal Their PSLE Scores

PSLE Score: 263

"This is my PSLE score. Sure, I may have done well but many hours of play were sacrificed for it. 

#Lifebeyondgrades might remind children going through PSLE that no matter what their score will be, their life ahead is full of potential and possibilities!" 

Hear it from other Singaporean personalities, as mentioned on the Straits Times.

Royston Tan, Filmmaker

Local Personalities Reveal Their PSLE Scores

PSLE Score: 168

"When I was in primary school, my teacher used to tell me that if I don’t excel in my studies, I will be a nobody. She said that there is no future in pursuing the arts, unless if I want to paint HDBs in the future.

However, I believe that learning is not confined by the classroom. It is a lifelong process. It does not mean that studying is not important. You just have to give your best in whatever you do and believe that the dots will connect in the future."

Ben Yeo, Actor and Television host

ben yeo

PSLE Score: 188

"My score was not very good. Singapore education is very stressful, it is not just stress from school but also from society. You are only young once and children should not be so stretched like that. It is not the end of the world if you didn't do well."

Irene Ang, Actress and CEO of Fly Entertainment

irene angbw

PSLE Score: 217

"I don't believe PSLE scores determine our future. The learning journey is a lifelong process and some of us might develop and reach our full potential later in life. It is our passion and our outlook on life that guide us. I believe in nurturing young talents and guiding them so each and every one of them can eventually reach their fullest potential. My advice is don't ever give up."

Ultimately, while grades do in fact matter, it is not the end of the world if your child did not do well as expected. There are many things to celebrate in life beyond that, such as his/her ability to forge meaningful relationships with peers, and growing day by day as a healthy individual. 

"School is not even about learning anymore; it is about passing." Parents, share with us what you think of this quote in the comments below!

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