Microsoft Surface Laptop Go: A Lightweight and Affordable For Parents And Kids

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go: A Lightweight and Affordable For Parents And Kids

An affordable and lightweight laptop great for kids to use.

As our world continues to shift to digital—be it learning or working, it is important to invest in a high functioning laptop. But with the fast movement of technology nowadays with endless upgrades, sometimes it’s just hard to keep up in what to choose especially if you want what’s best for your kid. And because settling for any laptop that fits your budget might not always be the best move, we understand how choosing the best laptop for yourself or your child might seem like a daunting task.

So if you were hoping to find a laptop that would be easier for your little one to carry around with a battery that keeps up with all their schoolwork, most especially, still affordable, then Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop Go could be the solution to all your child’s future productivities. 

Key Features

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go: A Lightweight and Affordable For Parents And Kids

One Touch sign-in with the Fingerprint Power Button | Image source: Microsoft

  • One Touch Sign-in 

It only takes one touch to access all of this laptop’s functionality and apps. The One Touch fingerprint log in enables your child to have a fast and simple log-in without needing the help of mum and dad. With a fingerprint password on select models, you can ensure your child’s privacy and security. It also includes an Instant On option so that your kid can pick up where they left off in an assignment or class project. 

  • Long-lasting Battery Life

With up to 13 hours of battery life, kids can continue working and catch up with deadlines without having to worry about constantly charging. Your child’s productivity can keep going as long as they would like and keep great ideas pouring in as they record them on the laptop. Not only does it last long, but it also charges fast too! You can recharge your Laptop Go all the way up to 80% in only around an hour. 

  • Lightweight

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go is the lightest laptop Microsoft has offered so far, starting from 2.45 lbs and only as thin as 15.69 mm. Instead of giving your child a big, bulky computer that might be difficult for them to carry around and cause them to use with discomfort, you can get them this newest lightweight Surface Laptop Go that they can easily bring along with them to school, the library, a cafe or anywhere else around town.

  • Full-size Keyboard and Touchscreen

Your child may work in absolute comfort with its full-size keyboard, a large precision trackpad and responsive touchscreen. Typing will feel like a breeze which could really help when having to work all day long. It can even work as a tablet with its PixelSense™ Touchscreen that enables you to pinch, zoom, tap and swipe to work faster and with more precision. 

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go: A Lightweight and Affordable For Parents And Kids

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go is available in three colours: Ice Blue, Sandstone and Platinum | Image Source: Microsoft

  • Sleek Colour Choices

This newest laptop from Microsoft comes with gleaming colour variants including Ice Blue, Sandstone and Platinum. However, keep in mind that some colours are only available on particular selected models and can vary per market.

4 Reasons Why It’s Great For Both Parents And Kids

1. Convenient To Use Anywhere At Anytime

With its lightweight key element, your child gets to work at any corner in and outside of the house where they’re the most comfortable. It’s also easier for younger kids to carry it around without accidentally dropping it on their way.

2. Gets You To Relax, Play And Binge

Let your kids take a break now and then from all that schoolwork by playing their favourite games or continue streaming the show they were binge-watching. And with more local storage, you can use all your favourite apps necessary for both productivity and entertainment.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go

Image Source: Microsoft

3. Very Budget-friendly

If you’re going to save up for your child’s very first laptop, Microsoft Surface Laptop Go may be the best choice with an affordable price starting from S$868.00. With its budget-friendly price, your child can have an efficient laptop that can make most of every day to get the job done.

4. Great For Video Calls

Video conferences and virtual classes have become the new norm. Your child can keep up with their lessons and continue connecting with their friends through Laptop Go’s built-in HD camera that promises about 720p of quality. This laptop could also help your child to re-connect with family and friends that they have surely missed.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go

Image Source: Microsoft website

A Few Shortcomings

Of course, while it does have its kid-friendly benefits, Microsoft Surface Laptop Go does not necessarily have every function offered by other laptops.

If your child is going to need a proper video editor for school projects, this may not be the best gadget to use it for.

13 hours worth of battery life is also almost a suggestion and could last for less than that depending on the situation or type of usage. Older kids might also prefer using something else, that is if their work may need a little more boost than what Laptop Go can provide. But if you’re really just looking for a simple, efficient and productive laptop for your kid (and maybe even yourself), this is you can definitely get started with the Surface Laptop Go.


The new Microsoft Surface Laptop Go can—in many ways—make learning digitally more effective for your child. It may be the best first laptop for them to use with its user-friendly interface and lightweight size. While it may fall behind in a few aspects other more powerful laptops provide, it has more than enough features to make it the best laptop to get started. Plus, with such an affordable price, it really does its job in helping you and your kids get any work done. 

Lead image source from Microsoft website. 

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Ally Villar

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