6 Assuring Reminders Your Husband Needs to Hear From You Every Day

6 Assuring Reminders Your Husband Needs to Hear From You Every Day

Just like in all other human relationships, respect is a crucial component in every couple’s lives.

Couples often get so caught up in their day to day activity that as much as they hate to admit it, they start to forget that their partner has needs too. They sometimes neglect the little things their partner wants from them and their partnership.

While women tend to be more vocal and express their dissatisfaction openly, men on the other hand are not as expressive. In fact, they tend to keep their pains and problems to themselves that often their partners don’t even notice it.

To rectify that, Hannah Rose, in her Family Share article, lists down the six daily reminders your husband needs to hear from you.

How many of them do you regularly say to your spouse?

1. “I respect you”

Just like in all human relationships, respect is a crucial component in all couples. Not only does it cultivate trust between partners, it also strengthens their foundation and solidifies a husband's dignity. A wife reminding her husband that she respects him can never go wrong.

2. “I trust you”


In every relationship, it is important t know that no matter what, your partner has your back and that you have theirs. A husband needs to hear from his wives that she trusts him, creating a loyal and honest partnership between them.

3. “I love you”

Saying “I love you” to your husband shouldn’t be done simply because you feel like you need to say it. Wives should tell their husbands “I love you” because they want to say it. It will also help couples keep the passion in their relationship strong. Say it as often as you can and as sincerely as you can.


4. “I need you”


Whether or not they admit it, men want to be needed. They need to feel as if their presence makes a difference in their wives' lives. “Each partner needs reassurance that they are providing something to the other that no one else on this earth can provide,” Hannah says.

5. “I want you”

“Remind your husband you want him,” says Hannah. “You want him physically, intimately, emotionally and mentally. You want all of the good things he has to offer. Not only do you want him to be around physically, but you also want to appreciate his thoughts and dreams.” Wives need to form a connection with their husbands on all levels of his personality.


6. “I believe in you"


A husband wants to be the solid foundation of their relationship; it’s their nature. But they sometimes need a rock, too. They need their wives to lift them up in times of need. They need to know that their wives see the potential and the good inside them.

Be there to “help your husband face the day with courage and optimism,” says Hannah.

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