11 Compliments Your Husband Needs to Hear NOW!

11 Compliments Your Husband Needs to Hear NOW!

Looking for the right compliment to shower your hubby with? Here are 11! You’ll be surprised at how far they can go…

1. I’m so proud of you

Men need to hear words of encouragement and support in ways. Be his number 1 cheerleader and guide him when he feels lost. In a world that continuously knocks him down, be the one to always lift him up.

2. I’m so happy I married you

Once in a while, you need to show your hubby you’re thankful to have him spend the rest of his life with you. Trust me, he’ll need all the reassurance he can get!

3. I love how you do your best to provide for the family

Acknowledge his efforts in doing his best for your family. Let your husband know that he doesn’t have to make millions to make you happy, as long as it’s enough for the family.

4. You’re such a great father

11 Compliments Your Husband Needs to Hear NOW!

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If you have little ones running around in the house, praise your hubby for his involvement in their lives. Let him know that he’s one awesome dad. You can even get your child to back you up 😉

5. You’re so sexy

Complimenting your husband’s physical appearance can get you far. Men sometimes need a boost of confidence – especially after marriage.

6. You are my lifesaver

Whenever your husband plays Mr. Fix-It around the house, thank him for being your lifesaver. He needs to feel capable, especially when he’s taking care of you and your family.

7. Thanks for helping me with the chores

11 Compliments Your Husband Needs to Hear NOW!

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Men are most likely afraid to help out around the house as most of the time, women get a little overboard with their ways of doing things. Regardless of whether he messes up your “system”, make sure to thank him sincerely!

8. I love how easy it is for you to make me laugh

Show how much you appreciate his attempts at making you laugh and smile even if his jokes aren’t that funny!

9. I never get tired of your smile

Let your man know that you love it whenever he smiles or laughs. Randomly giving this compliment will catch him off guard and will definitely take him by surprise.

10. You’re so manly

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The next time your husband lifts a heavy load of laundry or does ‘manly’ things like fixing the sink, compliment his ‘macho side’. He needs to know he’s good for something, and he certainly needs to know he’s good for you.

11. I still love spending time with you

We all get a little too caught up with work, children, dramas etc, so let your man know that you still enjoy spending time with him and that date nights should never cease to exist.

After all, you’ll be his best friend and constant companion forever.

Take a little time today to thank the man in your life for all he does. Also, remember not to take him for granted! It doesn’t take much to make your husband’s day; a little goes a long way!

Comment below on how you make your relationship work!

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Mizah Salik

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