Raise a creative child

Raise a creative child

As a parent, you can have enormous influence on your children’s creativity. Your kids are diamonds in the rough. They are precious gems waiting to shine and if you do your part, shine they will! Read on to find various ways to help your children shine!

Raise a creative childRaise a creative childMost of us know the importance of raising a creative child. However, we are often stumped as to how to spark their creativity. Adding on to the predicament is the lack of children’s art tools in the market. While poster paints, crayons and a few cucumber pieces (to form patterns) are readily available, they are inadequate to unlock the profound creativity of a child.

What your child needs is a spark to get those creative juices working. This very spark can be found in the art tools provided by Funovator.

The exclusive distributor of multifunctional and highly interactive art and craft products from Orange Elephant, Funovator features A-Clay and A-Ball Clay as the highlight of their products. They also provide other arts tools such as ceramic art kits, window and fabric paints.

Adrian Ho, the local distributor, came across Orange Elephant while holidaying in Russia. He was so impressed by it that he knew he must bring it to Singapore so that the local kids can capitalize on its products to hone their creativity.

Crafting the creative masterpiece

Orange Elephant crafts are designed with a child’s cognitive growth in mind –as the kits come in varying degrees of difficulty. They consulted teachers and child psychologists on how to best appeal to children’s creative sensibilities.

I decided to meet up with Adrian to gain clarity over the products. Having played with conventional clay as a child and moulded creations that always resembled a giant mush, I was cynical of what masterpieces kids could create with just clay. However, by the end of my visit, Funovator’s adaptation of clay laid my doubts to rest and I am a complete convert. Here’s what Funovator’s art products offer:

A-Clay and A-Ball Clay

If your child loves moulding plasticine into little figures and structures, this product is a must-have. The A-Clay and A-Ball clay is an upgrade from the standard plasticine. It is ultra light, extra soft, smells of jasmine and best of all, is a mom’s dream come true as its non-sticky quality will ensure that clay-related messes like clay stuck in furniture or hair will not happen.

Once the moulding is completed, your child can leave his or her creations out to dry.  The open air will harden the clay and immortalize your child’s creations, which can then be displayed for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

The hardened clay can even be reused. All you have to do is sprinkle some water on it and store it in the air-tight box that comes along with it. I personally love the bubble-gum like texture of the clay and how a new colour is formed when two other colours are mixed together.

The A-Ball Clay is similar to the A-Clay except  it comes in a rough grainy texture. Apart from being available in a form that can be air-dried, the A-Ball clay is also available in a form that is wet at all times.

The clays can be purchased individually or in delightful kits such as the savanna park, teddy bear, cupcake theme and more.

Ceramic art and window paints


Clay is not the only product Funovator has to offer. They also have ceramic art and window paints.

For the child who enjoys adding their own little creative touch to the home, these products are perfect. The Ceramic kits come with a ceramic object and acrylic paints.  You can choose from coin banks, cups and mugs

Usually in ceramic art, oven baking is required for the paint to set into the ceramic. With these Ceramic kits, no oven-baking is required as the paint will set in within an hour.

Choose from charming kits such as the Lion Mug, Tom Cat Coin Bank and Sweet Puppy Cup.


The window paints allow your kids to decorate glass windows. Kids can use vinyl sheets to make reusable stickers which can then be used to decorate their glass windows or doors. The kits for the window paints also come with photo frame templates and sun catchers - reflective glass piece with template designs for kids to paint on.

There are more arts products available such as fun paints and fabric paint sets. All products are non-toxic, non-irritating & non-allergenic. The products meet the required international and local safety standards and are suited for kids 4 and above.

Art with care


Funovator succeeds in mining awe-inspiring creations from kids because of the step by step guidance provided in each kit.

Art with care


Funovator succeeds in mining awe-inspiring creations from kids because of the step by step guidance provided in each kit.

Every art kit comes with a set of step by step instructions teaching kids to use basic shapes which then allow them to construct professional type creations. This serves as a means to raise the child’s confidence in his or her ability and creativity.

Creative Workshops and Parties

If you are not the creative type, but want to develop your child’s creativity, you can enroll them in the 6 week workshops ($180) held at Wiggle Learners, located at Ang Mo Kio Hub.

Classes are held every Friday (4.30pm - 6pm) and Saturday (1.00pm to 2.30pm). They have holiday workshops as well. Send in your kid’s details via their enquiry form on their website to sign your kids up for the classes.

Art-themed party services are also provided by Funovator. You can even use their party services for the next birthday party you are planning.

Art-themed party services are also provided by Funovator. You can even use their party services for the next birthday party you are planning.

Joo Sin, a satisfied parent, shares with us her thoughts on Funovator’s services:

“The art-&-craft party was held at my son's school. The kids got to make a sun catcher keychain and a donut clay fridge magnet. They thoroughly enjoyed the session. The clay materials provided are of good quality, non-messy and safe for kids, unlike the usual type we see in the market. I had parents telling me how much their kids enjoyed the session.”

More about Funovator

You can visit Funovator at their pushcart at Novena Square Level 1 (outside Body Shop & Bread Talk).  Funovator products are also available at Times bookstores island wide. Prices vary for different products, ranging from $4 to $55. For more information on prices, workshops and parties, call Adrian at 9833 7771 or visit http://www.funovator.com.sg

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