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Here are some tips and ideas to help get your family on the giving train...

Activities at East Coast Park

Encourage your children to do voluntary work!

If you would like to find a new, fun way to spend time with your family, consider family volunteering. Imagine you and your family planting trees with the Green Volunteers network or assisting with dog training at the Singapore Kennel club.

Donating time with your sons and daughters, your aunts and uncles, your mum and dad, or even all 12 of your cousins, offers a unique way for your family to spend time together while helping your community.

Some places you and your family can volunteer at:

Presbyterian Community Services (PCS)– Evergreen Circle

Teach art & craft/swimming, Conduct music therapy/exercises, Organise outings for children and the elderly

Contact Details

Mr Tristan Gwee

Tel: 6786 6826

Email: [email protected]


Singapore Children’s Society

Befriend a child, tell stories, raise funds or help out in events.

Contact details

Tel: 6273 2010


Bethesda Community Service Society (BCSS)

Tutor, organise games and activities, sponsor gift/food, teach computer skills.

Contact Details

Ms Jasmine

Tel: 6448 8658


Singapore Kennel Club

Organise dog shows obediance and training workshops or just help with fundraising.

Contact Details

Tel: 6469 4821

Email: [email protected]


Green Volunteers Network

Be a green ambassador, teach craft-making from organic and recycled materials, help raise funds, Assist in reforestation and mangrove clean up activities .

Contact Details

Tel: 6337 6062

Fax: 6337 6035

Email: [email protected]




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Written by

Roshni Mahtani

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