Promote right-brain development in your child

Promote right-brain development in your child

Twinkle Stars Learning Centre has a Mandarin-based music programme that promotes right-brain development in children from 18 months to 5 years old. How? Read on to understand how languages boosts the brain, why Mandarin challenges your brain more than other languages, the role music plays in your child’s development and early learning methods best for your little one.

Mandarin Musical Stars is a music-based early learning programme in Twinkle Stars Learning Centre that uses Mandarin as a communication tool to teach toddlers and preschoolers music, rhythm and dancing.

Languages boost the brain

Why would anyone bother learning another language when English is often the sole communication language in today’s world? One simple answer is that learning a second language offers great benefits to the brain development of little children.

There is now a happy consensus amongst early childhood experts that there are not only lifelong benefits in knowing more than one language, but there are also transitional cognitive benefits during the learning process. Children who do well in more than one language are better at Maths, logical reasoning and ironically, English tests. And of course, they also do better at exams generally.

Early exposure to a second language allows neural connections to form and grow in the child’s brain. Creativity and lateral thinking is fostered by the exposure to a second language that reasons and communicates by taking the thought processes via a different pathway.

Language skills are vital for kids

Language skills are vital for kids

Why Mandarin, and not French or some other European language?

Mandarin vocabulary, grammar and sentence construction differ greatly from English. When you learn two languages as different as Mandarin and English, your brain (or your child’s brain) is thus challenged to a greater extent than if you were to learn two related European languages.

Next, what role does music play in your little ones’ brain development?

Research shows that early exposure to music has lifelong benefits. There is a strong proven correlation between musical training in childhood and cognitive abilities in adulthood.


Researchers at Northwestern University recorded the auditory brainstem responses of college students — that is to say, their electrical brain waves — in response to complex sounds. The group of students who reported musical training in childhood had more robust responses. Their brains were better able to pick out essential elements, like pitch, in the complex sounds when they were tested.

According to Northwestern University researcher, Professor Nina Kraus, “Childhood music instruction has strong linguistic benefits and improves performance on everyday listening tasks. Since we live in an inherently noisy world, the better we are at focusing on sound and perceiving different sounds, the better.”

She went on to say, “Based on what we already know about the ways that music helps shape the brain, the study suggests that short-term music lessons may enhance lifelong listening and learning.”

What types of early learning methods would be best for toddlers and little ones?

Twinkle Stars Learning Centre has developed the Mandarin Musical Stars program which uses Mandarin as the instructional language to teach toddlers and preschoolers music, rhythm and dancing. Learning Mandarin, therefore, becomes a natural and effortless for your little ones while they play and develop their love for music.

Try it out and see for yourself!

Twinkle Stars Learning Centre has a special promotion for the month of December– a Two-For-One trial class promotion! You will only be paying $35 for two trial classes.

Find out more from their or get in touch with Twinkle Stars Learning Centre by email [email protected]. You can also call them at 6777-2494 to speak with their friendly staff. Perhaps you could drop by and see how much fun these kids have while learning. Their address: 9 One-North Gateway, #01-39, Singapore 138643 (walking distance from One-North MRT station and Buona Vista MRT station)

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