MindChamps PreSchool at Tampines Point

MindChamps PreSchool at Tampines Point

MindChamps PreSchool is the leading choice for early childhood education among many parents in Singapore. Keep reading to know more about MindChamps PreSchool at Tampines.

MindChamps PreSchool at Tampines Point

MindChamps PreSchool at Tampines Point takes pride in the impeccable service they offer parents and, of course, the best quality of care for the kids enrolled with them.

In fact, they consider their little students and their parents as family — who naturally deserve the best of everything!

Another plus factor for MindChamps PreSchool at Tampines Point is that they continuously upgrade their school learning resources for the benefit of all the little Champs who attend their Preschool.


Many great avenues are also provided to make the Champs’ learning experience enjoyable, such as educational and fun excursions and events.

That's why MindChamps believes that when their little achievers graduate, they will definitely be ready and confident to continue on to Primary 1.

The best teachers and staff

To make sure that they provide only the best education for your child, a comprehensive Staff Development Training is provided at the MindChamps PreSchool headquarters every quarter, in addition to continuous in-house training.

Personalized updates

MindChamps PreSchool at Tampines Point pays special attention to student progress and parent-teacher communications.

They have a comprehensive system in place to update the parents of their Champs’ progress, which includes weekly updates to inform them about what their Champs learnt for that week.


Parents can expect personal updates on each child, where the PreSchool shares with parents their children's particular strengths.

They also highlight areas of improvement that parents can work on with their respective children.

Parent-Teacher conferences

To further facilitate communication between parents and teachers, MindChamps PreSchool at Tampines Point holds parent-teacher conferences twice a year.

During these conferences, parents are presented with their Champs’ art work, written works, portfolio, checklist and report card.

Basically, they receive an in-depth summary of their children's progress in all areas of development.


Electronic newsletters

In addition to all of this, MindChamps PreSchool at Tampines Point sends out termly electronic newsletters and regular video news programs from the MindChamps headquarters to all parents.

This way, they are kept informed of the exciting things happening on the corporate level.

Celebration of special events

MindChamps PreSchool at Tampines Point loves to celebrate special events.

For example, to instill the value of sharing among their little Champs, they participated in the ‘Philippine Toy Library Program’ where Champs and their parents were encouraged to donate pre-loved books, toys, musical instruments and art materials to less fortunate children in the Philippines during the Christmas period in 2013.



MindChamps PreSchool at Tampines Point is strategically located near the Tampines MRT station at 2 Tampines Central 6, NTUC Income Tampines Point Level 2, Singapore 529483.

Contact number

Contact MindChamps PreSchool at Tampines Point on +65 6260 0531.

Is your child or the child of anyone you know enrolled at MindChamps PreSchool at Tampines? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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Written by

Minoli Almeida

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