MindChamps PreSchool at JTC Summit

MindChamps PreSchool at JTC Summit

MindChamps PreSchool is the leading choice for early childhood education among many parents in Singapore. Here's everything you need to know about MindChamps PreSchool at JTC Summit.

MindChamps PreSchool at JTC Summit

MindChamps PreSchool at JTC Summit values strong parent-teacher partnerships, and endeavors to stay connected with parents via various channels. They provide timely updates about each child's daily routine and academic progress in school.

Through weekly updates, the week's learning — such as new vocabulary and new concepts introduced — are shared with parents, so these can be reinforced at home.


The 'Connection Book' also documents the classroom activities Champs engage in during the day, with supporting photographs that show the children's happy faces in school.

On the corporate level, parents receive termly electronic newsletters and regular video news features that highlight the latest happenings at MindChamps.

Security and safety

At MindChamps PreSchool at JTC Summit, the little Champs' safety is taken very seriously. The preschool is housed in a building with 24-hour security surveillance and guards on duty.

In addition, there's an electronically locked glass door at the main entrance. There are also stringent procedures for the pick-up of the young Champs by their parents and authorized personnel.


Special celebrations

MindChamps PreSchool at JTC Summit teaches not just knowledge, but also values and compassion.

For the past 3 years, they have organised fundraising activities for the needy and underprivileged, featuring handicrafts and art pieces personally made by the young Champs.

All proceeds were donated to beneficiaries carefully selected by the management, including the Children Cancer Foundation, Singapore Children Society and Mainly I Love Kids (MILK).

Healthy eating program

MindChamps PreSchool at JTC Summit advocates a low salt diet comprising of whole grains, white meat, vegetables and fruits, which are served on a daily basis.

Healthy drinks like home-cooked barley and chrysanthemum tea, and desserts such as green bean soup are also served. MindChamps PreSchool at JTC Summit has recently received the HECCP (Healthy Eating in Childcare Centres Program) Award, issued by the Health Promotion Board.

As part of their classroom learning, Champs are introduced to "The Food Pyramid," a learning resource that aims to introduce various types of healthy food, and enforces the importance of consuming a wide variety of good food.


In addition, MindChamps’ weekly enrichment sessions include "Gourmet Moments," which serves to reinforce the importance of healthy eating.

The little Champs are constantly introduced to different types of food as they whip up interesting and exotic dishes such as fruit salads, sushi, etc.

Fundraising activities

MindChamps also helps children learn how to care for others through their fundraising activities.

Before embarking on any fundraising project, the goals, objectives and purpose of such projects will be shared with the kids.


They are then taught how to create items that will contribute to the success of each project.

Through such activities, children learn to show compassion, love and kindness towards one another, and are taught to appreciate what they have in life.


MindChamps PreSchool at JTC Summit is strategically located in the heart of Jurong East, at 8 Jurong Town Hall Road, The JTC Summit, #05-01, Singapore 609434.

It is a 2-minute sheltered walk from the Jurong East MRT station. Surrounding amenities include mega-malls like Jems, Westgate, J-Cube, IMM and the Jurong East National Library.

Contact number

Contact MindChamps PreSchool at JTC Summit on: +65 6896 8896.

Is your child or the child of anyone you know enrolled at MindChamps PreSchool at JTC Summit? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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Written by

Minoli Almeida

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