This pregnant woman’s six pack is blowing the internet’s mind

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It's hard enough to have a six pack under normal circumstances, but Massy Arias has managed to maintain her six pack while pregnant!

No two pregnancies are exactly alike, and that applies to the way baby bumps look as well. Some mothers tend to show earlier than others. Some bellies are rounder, pointier, higher, lower, and—as in the case of Massy “MankoFit” Arias—some come with a six-pack.

Cosmopolitan reports that Arias, a social media fitness star and certified personal trainer, is pregnant with her first child, though by simply glancing at her photos, you wouldn’t know it.

Here she is at 18 weeks. Yes, you read that right. 18. Weeks.

Done picking up your jaw from off the floor? Plenty of commenters echoed what most of us are probably thinking.

“You’d never guess she’s 19 weeks pregnant,” one wrote. “I don’t even look that good and I’m not pregnant lolol”

Another wrote: “I’m not pregnant and my belly is twice the size of hers wtf”

“Every woman’s body is different”

Before you start feeling terrible about yourself for not having the chiseled abs that Arias has, it’s important to note that Arias is a certified personal trainer who has been maintaining her workout throughout her pregnancy.

“We will all grow at different rates and every woman’s body is different,” she writes in another post. “My starting point and all the years of training has a lot to do with my own growth so take this into account before comparing your pregnancy with any other woman, including mine.

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