This pregnant mum got dumped by her partner, but found true love!

This pregnant mum got dumped by her partner, but found true love!

"This is my wife, and that's my baby. Thank you."

How would you feel if your partner dumped you unceremoniously during your pregnancy?

Malaysian mum Nicole Tee found herself in this rather difficult predicament when her partner abandoned her right when she needed him the most. She found herself going down a spiral of negativity and depression.

And just when she lost all hope, in her darkest hours, came her knight in shining armour.

They initially started off as friends. but what Nicole found truly refreshing about this young man was that it didn’t bother him that she was pregnant. In fact, his extra care and concern for her pregnancy brought them closer together.

And one day, he bought a bouquet of flowers and confessed that he was in love with her even though she was pregnant with another man’s baby. Nicole didn’t agree to the proposal initially because she wasn’t sure whether she was ready for a relationship yet.

Our hero, however, did not give up, and continued to shower her with love and affection. Nicole writes on Facebook, “…he massaged my feet, applied lotion on my dry skin, made me nutrient drink, helped me up in the middle of the night when I needed to pee and never missed one doctor’s appointment… all this while running a business during those days.”

dumped by her partner

Photo: Facebook/Nicole Tee

Needless to say, Nicole was floored.

The delivery went smoothly and Nicole and baby are doing fine now. Her boyfriend meanwhile, continues to amaze. “Now that my baby and I have left the hospital, he still comes to visit everyday, twice a day. He brings me food and helps me feed the baby. Changes diapers and puts the baby to sleep.”

And he is not ashamed of acknowledging what this relationship means to him. “Every time people walk up to him and congratulate him, I just can’t help but cry, feeling how unfair it is for him. He always smiles back and says, ‘This is my wife, and that’s my baby. Thank you.'”

dumped by her partner

Photo: Facebook/Nicole Tee

Now, we are melting.

Nicole once asked her boyfriend how he could care so much for a baby that wasn’t biologically his. This is what he replied, “The baby may not have my DNA but she is still a human being and you have carried her all these months. Since I have already decided to be with you, I will also love and treat her like she’s my own child.”

True love.

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