5 safe and exciting exercises for expectant mothers

5 safe and exciting exercises for expectant mothers

Being pregnant does not mean you can't move about! Here is a list of exercises you can do while pregnant.

Congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy! Being pregnant does not mean you need to adopt a sedentary lifestyle. You shouldn't deprive your body of all the wonderful serotonin and dopamine that pregnancy exercises provide!

Here is a list of prenatal exercises you can take up to get your fitness fix and keep your mood up during this exciting time:

Pregnancy exercises for the expectant mum

1. Swimming – Aqua Spin Singapore

Pedaling on a stationary bike underwater burns up to 800 calories per hour, approximately three times the number of calories you would burn with land-based exercise in that time!

The buoyant nature of water also means that the added weight of the baby is absorbed, reducing strain on the joints. The sessions also lead to enhanced blood circulation, gets rid of cellulite, and improves overall cardiovascular endurance.

Aquaspinning is a great way to stay fit while enjoying the benefits of exercise and reducing the likelihood of developing swollen ankles and varicose veins.

2. Walking

Walking is the perfect way to stay active during pregnancy; it does not place undue stress on your back and hips. Pair that with the unique natural stimulation that the Gardens by the Bay offers, and you’ve got yourself the perfect light workout as part of your pregnancy exercises to start a Saturday with!

3. Total Body Workout – Mom in Balance

Mom in Balance is a worldwide system that features outdoor exercises under the supervision of personal trainers. Featuring a sequence of exercises developed with gynaecologists and physiotherapists, Mom in Balance offers a tailored workout experience with something for every body type and stage of pregnancy.

Building a stronger body through pregnancy exercises prepares you well for the potentially testing labour phase and to speed up your recovery after giving birth. Additionally, the communal nature of Mom in Balance exercise sessions means that you meet many other expectant mothers who are at the same stage and forge great relationships that could go a long way!

What other safe pregnancy exercises can you do? Read on the next page!

4. Yoga – COMO Shambhala

COMO Shambhala, an idyllic resort that originated in Ubud, Bali, has a Singapore branch where current and prospective mothers can attend yoga classes curated to meet their needs. Pre-natal classes help mothers to prepare for delivery by focusing on spinal alignment and toning of birthing muscles, ensuring that mothers are at optimal health heading into their final trimesters.

Their post-natal yoga sessions are also designed for maximum results, focusing on poses that build strength and stability in new mothers’ core abdominal, pelvic floor and back muscles. New mothers are also taught deep-breathing exercises to calm their minds, and are even encouraged to bring their babies along to class!

5. Xtend Barre – Upside Motion

For the more active moms-to-be, Xtend Barre™ classes at Upside Motion are definitely the way to go! Combining the body-sculpting benefits of dance with the core-focused approach of pilates, each Xtend Barre™ class is a fast-paced and vigorous 55-minute workout that leaves participants feeling rejuvenated and raring to face life’s challenges!

A combination of isometric exercises and specialised orthopedic stretches effectively reach those hard-to-target problem areas of the body, while the dance-based range of motion will give you the strong, chiseled physique of a ballerina. The excellent Upside Motion trainers have extensive experience working with expectant mothers and are able to tailor the workouts to your needs while leaving you with increased flexibility, better posture, and a lasting spike in overall energy!

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